Lithuania flip-flopped, with the president suddenly calling for a permanent American presence

2022-06-18 0 By

To my surprise, not long after the Lithuanian president admitted his mistake and released a friendly message to China, Nowseda made a sudden u-turn and publicly invited the US troops.Lithuania will seek a permanent us military presence to help strengthen national security, Lithuanian President Leonid Nowseda said in Lukla after a rotating ceremony to welcome the new deployment of NATO combat troops, quoted Reuters as saying.”We will have a dialogue with the US side to ensure the permanent deployment of rotating US troops in Lithuania,” Nauseda stressed.Because this is the best driver for enhancing the security and deterrence that NATO can provide to Lithuania and the region.”For a long time, many countries have maintained strong opposition to the presence of American troops in their own countries and on their own soil.So the Lithuanian president took the unusual step of saying his country would talk to The United States, inviting the United States to establish a permanent military presence, which immediately ignited public opinion.Why is Lithuania unusually inviting the United States to deploy?What is China’s response to Lithuania’s move?Cui Hongjian, director of the Institute of European Studies at the China Institute of International Studies, also gave his own answer to this question in an interview with Hongjian pointed out that Lithuania, regardless of its neutrality, insists on offending China and violating the One-china principle, and now openly invites the United States to permanently garrison its troops, is actually calculating for its own interests.Lithuania wants to expand its influence and gain a greater say in the EU.They also want the protection of the United States, which will always be Lithuania’s backer.Nauseda knew that the promise of the U.S. government was unreliable, so he had to strike while the iron was hot to seek a permanent U.S. military presence and provide tangible protection to Lithuania, while he was antagonizing And antagonizing China in line with American ideas.There is no doubt that Lithuania wants to “stay in the United States,” Cui stressed.After all, Lithuania is inseparable from the United States in both economic and trade cooperation and security issues, and the symbolic significance of the permanent military presence of the United States is particularly important for the Lithuanian government.It should be noted that The Chinese Foreign Ministry was quite calm about the Lithuanian president’s call for a permanent military presence in the United States.At a regular press conference, Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian said he would not comment when asked about the issue, China Youth Online reported.It is worth mentioning that, in fact, while actively inviting the United States to permanently deploy troops, the Lithuanian government is also actively accepting military assistance from other countries.Relevant news pointed out that recently Germany, the Netherlands and other NATO countries, have announced that they will send more troops to Lithuania.Part of the news reference source: CCTV news