Viktoriya Sreda | Warm wood colors create a concise and graceful space

2022-06-18 0 By

Viktoriya Sreda is a CG artist and 3D visualizer designer from Russia. He always insists on the integration of design innovation and traditional technology, focusing on the innovation of design, materials and technology, adhering to the excellent quality, creating exquisite, elegant, contemporary and eternal international design.Embody modern design aesthetics.Minimalism Apartment Viktoriya Sreda’s new home uses warm wood colors to create a comfortable living space under modern Minimalism. There is no extra color in the space, creating a simple and beautiful space.In the sitting room, the designer uses the wood color of large area to establish the overall pure space fundamental key, the cloth art sofa of light beige is matched with the black log tea table of concise modelling, formed the contrast on color, build natural and comfortable social space.Floor-to-ceiling Windows next to the living room ensure plenty of light, giving a bright visual experience.The kitchen and dining room are located in the same space, and the open design gives a wide visual experience.The chamfering process at the right Angle position makes the space more soft. The middle island and kitchen cabinets are still made of wood material, which is harmonious and unified.There is not too much mannerism on the table, showing modern minimalism to get freehand feeling.The bedroom continues the minimalist design style, using the same color bedding and the overall space to create a space full of Oriental quiet beauty.In another house, designer white and wood colors are used as the main colors of the space, and decorative elements of different materials are used to show the delicate sense of the space, creating a delicate and simple living space.In the space, stylist uses black line to decorate a space, build clean and agile geometric aesthetic feeling, adorn the light color of large area, still chose lively and relaxed green in the bedroom, increase the natural breath of the space and clever simple sense.Other excellent works