What are the three knives of honey that Gu Ailing likes to eat?

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After the women’s freestyle platform final at the Beijing Winter Olympics, Gu Ailing, who won the gold medal, said in an interview that she most wanted to eat Beijing roast duck. She also liked to eat braised pork and honey.As the “top flow” influence of the Winter Olympics champion gradually radiates to the catering industry, not only gu Ailing’s leek box sales surged, but also brought the local snack honey three.According to data, the search volume of takeaway food for Gu’s favorite pastry honey rose 12 times and orders increased 450%.What exactly is three knives of honey?Gu’s grandmother came from Nanjing, Jiangsu Province, and Mi SAN Dao is a traditional pastry from the northern jiangsu and Shandong provinces of Jiangsu Province.According to legend, it was named by Su Dongpo himself. There are three floating knife marks on the surface of the pastry, hence the name honey three knives.When it comes to honey, many old Shanghainese may first think of Cuiwenzhai, the time-honored brand of Beijing pastry in Shanghai.It is reported that this time-honored brand, which has been out of the Shanghai market for a long time, was acquired by Taikang Food Company, and soon, cuiwenzhai’s honey three knives, Beijing style peach cakes, Beijing style moon cakes and other special cakes will “come back”.Where else can I buy this special snack?Reporters visit found that Jing ‘an district in Shanghai Harbin food factory, Taikang food, Taichang west cake and other old brands are selling honey three knives, the price of each catty in 32-38 yuan, a number of old customers evaluation said “sweet Mimi, soft doleole, and then with a point of crisp, although a little oil, but still pretty delicious!”Shaanxi north road Tai Changxi cake shop pastry chef told reporters that the authentic honey three knives have square classic shape, by the “inside surface” and “skin surface” two layers, local people generally tube inside a layer called “crispy surface”, the outside of a layer called “skin surface”.The skin is an attractive layer of bright sugar coating, which is made of fermented barley and other grains and caramel juice, and sprinkled with a layer of white sesame seeds on the surface.”Honey three knives have the characteristics of sweet, sweet, soft and sand. When it is broken, it will ‘pull out the silk’, and it will play teeth without sticking teeth. It is soft and sweet and waxy, which is also known as’ honey food ‘.”Now do you know what the three knives of honey are