Gansu: because of the purchase of teaching books, the family committee was reported by parents!Family committee three points to resolve conflicts

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Gansu Wuwei school home committee issued a notice, requiring a class of parents to a bookstore to buy teaching materials, caused a parent dissatisfaction, and then to the relevant departments to report……See a chart: parents inform against home committee to ask to buy teaching auxiliary book next, concerned branch replies in detail, see a chart: see reply, seem to be to have no matter, and disbanded home committee immediately, did one solve it?What does the pta do?The pta is to assign tasks for teachers and schools.The school, the teacher’s task, the teacher assigns the task not ok?Why should the home committee decorate it?Because the teacher is not convenient to come forward, if the teacher assigns these tasks, may have to make mistakes, even to violate the discipline.How to do?A stand-in must be found!And then there’s the stand-in, the pta!Of course, sometimes, the family committee issued an order, also can mobilize some resources of parents, money to pay, powerful efforts…It is also an aspect of home school hand in hand!Why does pta arrange parents to purchase teaching AIDS at designated places?It is to buy teaching auxiliary to designated place is illegal, it is not allowed!Why?There are provisions, 1 is double minus requirement;2 is the document stipulation.What about violations?Don’t you want to buy it?Buy even, that has home committee to come forward, not school, teacher behavior.Change violation into compliance, parents are voluntary, be voluntary!But there are parents who do not agree, violations do not become compliance!That’s when the report came out.2 it is the person in charge of committee of the home with respect to that a few members, the others are heel class just.In order to their children can be special care of the teacher, receive good education, it is necessary to follow the pace of the teacher, as for the direction also need to listen to the teacher, the family committee members are also struggling.Third, the home committee can do a lot of things!Not only buy teaching AIDS, other: school uniforms, exercise books, travel, research……There are family committees.Why?The school deals with, very troublesome, also do not approve home committee to come forward, logical, complete the task!So, the pta got in the way of the school!Therefore, many schools take the pta as an important part of school running.Have difficulty, seek home committee!Students do also need teaching books such as: school uniforms, teaching only a set, the committee can have several sets;Family committee to come forward, can not be out of the money can be out, can not do things can do……The pta became the teacher’s good helper!Why does the leader respond so?One is to make trouble go away.Can’t have a problem, if sent to the net, will leak!Two is cold processing, fast processing.Can’t ferment online, has nothing to do, the family committee group has been disbanded!Slow beats get you in trouble!The third is the mud wall, this matter to deceive past calculate, in the future anyway do not do!Net user said: Net user 1: the bookstore owner’s business is difficult, can only turn to the teacher.My child teacher, oral let buy what books, not in the group said……Will leave evidence!Only one bookstore had it, and it was expensive!There is no Internet, can only buy his home!As a colleague, can only say teacher morality has a problem, lack that money?Net friend 2: each class has the committee, the teacher is not convenient to issue the task, let the committee request the parents.Buying performance clothes, teaching books…Or you’ll have your baby!Net friend three: the committee is thankless organization!Some so-called parents, their own children do not learn, also do not let other children learn.Propagating negative energy all day long, ruining the relationship between home and school…Harm the whole class!How to do?First, we need to conduct a thorough investigation.We can’t mess around. We can’t solve it.Investigate the cause and effect of this incident, the details, how much money was collected, whether there is a relationship with the bookstore owner?If you look hard enough, you’ll find a lot of dirt.Second, we need to do a good job of the family committee.The parents’ committee should become the parents’ parents, to solve the problems of parents, but also to coordinate the relationship between parents and teachers.So, before doing all things, the committee should do a good job in research, do not do illegal things.If the teacher arranges something against the rules, you can politely refuse.Parents do not participate in the changed taste of the home committee, their own things their own decision, do not mix!Third, teachers should not take care of things other than teaching.If the school arrangement is not reasonable, you can refuse!Even if he does not work as a homeroom teacher, he should reject things that are not in compliance with the law.In this way, it can not be a problem!You know, if something goes wrong, the teacher is in for it!The school will be a hands-off, 625.The teacher is still punished.In short, the work of the home committee is the way, there are methods, keep in mind that the home committee is the parents of the parents, adhere to the principle of serving parents and students, play to their strengths, home association hand in hand, away from violations…Such, home committee ability moves toward right way!