Lie about your trip!Jiangxi couple punished!

2022-06-19 0 By

On March 28, Qiu and his wife Zhang returned to Xinfeng County from Shenzhen city after deliberately concealing and lying about their travel.However, after arriving in Xinfeng County, Qiu concealed his actual trip and lied to the investigation personnel that he was still in Shenzhen and did not explain the truth to the investigation personnel.Until the county epidemic headquarters staff after investigation, confirmed the existence of xinfeng activities track.Finally, under the joint efforts of xinfeng County epidemic prevention and control headquarters and public security departments, qiu and his wife Zhang were found in a hotel in Xinfeng.Later, the two were sent to a centralized isolation point for centralized isolation.Lai Wen, a staff member of xinfeng County epidemic Control Headquarters: These two people’s behavior is very bad, there is a great risk for our epidemic prevention and control work.We hope that the general public will reduce the risk, take the initiative to report those who return from medium to high risk, accept our epidemic prevention and control policies, and take the initiative to implement our prevention and control measures.A few days ago, the public security organs have been warned and criticized the behavior of qiu and his wife education, Qiu and his wife also realized the seriousness of the matter.Everybody is responsible for disease control and prevention, public security departments to remind the general public during the epidemic prevention and control has the responsibility to have an obligation to cooperate with related departments and epidemic prevention work full, true and accurate to investigators to provide movement personnel contact, refused to cooperate with epidemic prevention of epidemic spread risk, intentionally hide stroke will shall be investigated for legal responsibility according to the source: letter feng melt, jiangxi daily media center