There are “hard and fast requirements” for party membership in university. Do you meet these three requirements?It’s best to apply as soon as you start university

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Guide language: the university students “volume” now into what degree, in addition to the university of professional learning, students have chosen to pursue advanced study “dual professional”, constantly to participate in class activities and wander in the communities, also arranged male, textual research, the test of time, more important, don’t forget to let oneself become a party member to this matter, really that “volume”?There are “hard and fast requirements” for party membership in university. Do you meet these three requirements?It’s better to apply as soon as you go to college. Although some buddhist students who think they are liberated by going to college don’t want to admit that they are in a college environment that is so “introverted”, or that people who are better than you work harder than you, it is true!What’s your first goal when you go to college?The classmate that has a goal should know, become class cadre namely for election!The election of class cadres has great benefits for students themselves, especially in the university to self-study based learning environment, with the previous in primary and secondary school cadres in the class is not the same degree of exercise and way.Active and outstanding students will be first seen by their instructors because of the class leaders, and then by their tutors when they are class representatives.They will also help and guide you in the process, and modify your way of doing things and thinking, which will benefit you a lot!Then class cadres have an advantage, is to enter the party organization inside work and study, but the premise is to join the Party.So everything is completed step by step, freshman first run for class cadres, and then apply for party membership, after becoming a party member into the school party organization work, this is the process to complete the phased goals.And as counselors and mentors of the right hand of you, your excellent will be seen, class cadres can give the party application for a variety of comprehensive quality assessment has a lot of extra points.In the individual comprehensive assessment project, the evaluation and positioning of the department director, department tutor and class counselor will be taken into account. If you perform well, you are likely to be successful in the application and become a Party member.In addition, as a class cadre of you, should be a member of the identity, and academic performance is also good oh!Because these are also the necessary conditions to become a member of the Party organization!After the successful election to become a class cadre, or according to personal ability and time to do practical things for the class, not just for the party.Because be the class cadre, but not reduced the counselors and teachers work, and become a bridge between students and teachers, can through their own understanding and summary, help teachers to better complete the teaching mission, improve quality, also can convey the idea of students to teachers, to promote understanding of each other, the class atmosphere is better.In addition, if you want to resign or transfer your post when you are a sophomore or junior, you can also transfer your past experience to the next student, so as to help others better connect with their work and adapt to their post.College campus is a micro society, especially juniors and seniors will spend more time on campus practice and off-campus internship.Being a class leader or party member will give you more priority in applying for such opportunities.Why all say a big one is about to say in front of the goal to complete good, because only identity changed, just can grasp the opportunity of university four years each year, increase gold content for oneself, promote individual ability!When you reach a certain level of training, you will find yourself different from your peers.Whether it is ability, thinking, pattern, viewpoint, you will benefit a lot from these practice opportunities.This means that you have more options for your future career than your peers, and you have more experience than others can get!However, joining the Party is not satisfied with class cadres, good grades, is a league member can succeed?Not necessarily.Because in the process of joining the Party organization, there will be political verification, not only to you, but also your family and parents and other relatives of the background, but also related to.Furthermore, if students have the need to study abroad or emigrate abroad, they should consider whether to set this goal.As we all know, he is a party member, or a family member’s immediate family member is a party member, in the visa above is also more difficult, let alone immigration.Of course, it can also affect your own children similar situations, to consider carefully.Not only study abroad and immigration, sometimes as a result of national conditions, even if the travel to visit relatives, visa officer to consider the identity of the visa is more cautious, may also be rejected, with respect to the kind of operation you still can not refuse, there is no way!Having identified the advantages and limitations of being a member of the Party organization, have you considered it?Goals need to be planned in advance, determined in advance, and then arranged for execution. Step by step, the final big goal can be completed by completing phased goals.If you take the civil servant exam into consideration when you are in college, or enter a state-owned enterprise to work, when you take the public exam, exam editor interview, party membership is a bonus.If you haven’t figured out your career plan yet, think about your future after high school.