Can shaving your head make your hair thicker

2022-06-20 0 By

A shaved head is one of the simplest and most effortless of all human hairstyles, but for some men with obvious facial features, it can actually deepen the outline of the facial features and make the man more tough.Hair amount is how much genetic and hair follicles, genes determine your hair follicles form, hair color, and hair follicles are healthy have hair luster, is decided by your face short boy also can try the bald hairstyle, mention that bald head after must often scratch the scalp, and blow is the blade, because the hair grow quickly after the baby’s head shaved,If you play in the sun, the scalp will be directly exposed to the strong sun, easy to hurt the child’s tender head skin, cause solar dermatitis and other diseases, there is no necessary connection between shaving your head and making your hair more, generally at 2 years old and even to 5~6 years old, the baby’s hair will become thick.