Pochettino concedes, righting Messi’s position, is Paris on the rise?

2022-06-20 0 By

According to Babo Sports (big Five leagues, Champions League, World Cup, etc.) :Messi joined after Paris st germain in fact did not like the fans and the outside world media expected, showing highlights some of the data, mainly because the French league and la liga is a big difference between indeed, he also need some time to settle in to adapt to the rhythm of the league, and he will put more attention to international competitions and the champions league on the battlefield.So he was not in the league has more performance, on half of the season after, he only contributed a goal in the league, has caused a lot of fans and media discussion, delays in fitness, also let a lot of fans very disappointed, but recently he has scored the ligue 1 second after fans has seen his state of the recovery.According to Babo Sports (big Five leagues, Champions League, World Cup, etc.) :Recently Paris st germain inside the taiping’s management team, also is not very many times to cut wave pressure gilardino, management for he was very dissatisfied, think he have no way to lead the team to show the expected results, and asked him to have to carry the team back on track, but also to the correct use of Lionel messi,Get the king back in his groove.After the season started, the relationship between the wave cut and Lionel messi is very delicate, because Mr Perez’s tactical system, messi’s position is not very clear, she once let messi away from full text, so lead to Lionel messi in the French league goal efficiency is not very high, messi’s team also speak openly questioned the wave cut cupertino,Problems with media use.According to Babo Sports (big Five leagues, Champions League, World Cup, etc.) :Lonely after management pressure, the past also see the status quo, he must be the centralizer son-in-law as core players, so the team can achieve better grades, so there is an obvious shift, his attitude is also recently in an interview he said messi is football in one hundred, in a rare genius, he is a winner,With the DNA of a champion.He is also looking forward to a strong performance against Real Madrid in the knockout stages of the champions League and believes Messi has found his form and will have better numbers in the coming matches.According to Mr Gbagbo sports (five league and the champions league and World Cup, etc.) data show: messi did this season is not very good, but now has six goals and 7 assists is commendable, it is because he is superstar, is history 1 is great, so the fans for his request is higher.They are so eager to see messi’s highlights that they ignore the fact that he needs time to adjust and adapt. If only he could find his form again, the media would still be at the top of the game.