Taoyuan police took 14 hours to solve the case after two gold necklaces were stolen from the store

2022-06-20 0 By

At about 19:50 on February 17, a store in Zhoutai Fook Bafang, Zhangjiang Town, Taoyuan County, Changde, was robbed of two gold necklaces worth 60,000 YUAN.Taoyuan County public Security Bureau criminal investigation brigade received the police situation bulletin, immediately arranged the figure investigation squadron on the case, launched investigation work.The suspect disguised himself by wearing a mask and holding an umbrella. When he escaped, he took advantage of the blind spot of surveillance, crossed alleys and changed vehicles for several times to avoid detection.After careful analysis and comparison, the video squadron investigators initially confirmed that the suspect Chen (35 years old, taoyuan) was suspected of committing a major crime and had fled to Wuling District, Changde.County bureau of criminal investigation brigade immediately to the criminal suspect basic situation, the trajectory forwarded to wuling substation synthetic activity center, in the synthesis of center and wuling wuling bureau cooperated by forensic team to assist, in both 14 hours later, on February 18, at 10 PM, in a club, XXL captured the suspect, recover snatched the gold necklace,More than 10,000 yuan was stolen.Correspondent Tang Caihong Xiaoxiang Morning news reporter Full Yankun