The rockets can rebuild around the talented Jaylen Green who plays the game.

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On March 27, Beijing time, the NBA regular season continued, ushered in a wonderful game, the Rockets ushered in the blazers exciting duel, after this game of fierce contention, the rockets finally defeated the Blazers 115-98.Wood had 13 points, six rebounds and six steals, porter had 10 points and 11 assists, Jaylen Green had 25 points, six rebounds, two assists, one steal and one block, Martin had one point and four rebounds, and Sagu had 27 points, seven rebounds and three assists.It’s fair to say that the Rockets all played well, but jaylen Green made a number of great moves in the game, which made the fans feast their eyes on.With eight minutes left in the first quarter, the Portland Trail Blazers missed a pass, the Rockets made a quick comeback, and Jaylen Green made an amazing jumper in slow motion, with his head completely flat on the rim.With about three minutes left in the first quarter, the Blazers were on the defensive, but there was no way to limit Jaylen Green, who was shooting in very limited space, and his outside touch was excellent, opening up the three-point play and ripping the Blazers’ defense apart.In the last minute of the first quarter, he was able to isolate the one-on-one game. He used the change of pace to beat the opponent, and then he showed off his sharp micro step layup. In slow motion, we can see his excellent control of the ball, his feet are very flexible, and his speed is also very fast, and he instantly got away from the defenders.With about a minute left in the second quarter, Green hit a 3-pointer to open the gap and was hot.The camera shows Lillard, his expression very solemn.In the third quarter, he hit three straight shots to beat the Blazers.With 4 minutes left in the fourth quarter, Jeff Green sent a big one-arm shot, his screening was very good, consecutive jumpers sent super hot pot, defensive ability is also very strong, so in this game he played well on both sides of the offense and defense, for the rockets to win this game laid a solid foundation.With a 12-23 record and the 10th seed in the Western Conference, the Rockets have a lot of talent that is an essential part of their rebuilding, and it’s worth looking forward to.