AG a nuo state warming, SK praised “nuo invincible”, the enlightenment coach has been concerned about him

2022-06-21 0 By

The first week of KPL spring regular season is still going on, chengdu AG Super game club is in a very good state, they swept away the haze of last season, 3-1 win over Hangzhou LGD Goose to get a good start.This performance has also reassured many fans who support THE AG super game club that it is unlikely to disappoint like last season and will likely rebound strongly.One of the core players a nuo’s personal performance is also very bright, four games only died once, very steady, he once coach SK also came to praise a nuo, said “nuo invincible”.The AG game was not favored by many people, mainly because their performance last season was not so good, the whole team gave a feeling of chaos, many star players but can not play together.And LGD geese in the first game of the season in shenzhen DYG zero, which makes people feel that they are in very good shape.But in this case, AG still beat LGD goose, and the race was not difficult at all.Enoch has been a regular striker this season and his performances have been very consistent.In the past, people felt that it was easy to go to the head, once there was a chance to rush, even if it was a change.This style of play is fine if it is against the road, but the shooter is often the core of the team, is the last one to stand, it is best to give priority to stability.Now the shooters of the strong teams are basically stable, including Estar Yi Zheng is not as fierce as before in DYG.Zhang Jiao obviously saw the role of this version of the shooter, told A nuo to play a steady point, nuo also very well implement the coach’s intention.After the game a nuo sent a dynamic said to continue refueling, including the former coach SK also specially came to reply to a nuo said “nuo invincible.”This also reminds people of the old BA, SK is regarded as the first coach of YI Nuo, at the beginning of BA black Pineapple when SK let him become a starter from the second team, just have today’s Yi Nuo.Yi Nuo used to play on the wing in BA, because the team has no side, Yi Nuo was promoted from the second team to the first team.In the first half of 2019, SK began to let Yinuo try to be a marksman, and when BA disbanded, SK had no obligation to train with players, but he still trained with players for two months, which in fact laid a foundation for The transformation of Yinuo marksman, and only then did we have the current development road Of Yinuo.Although they do not have much interaction on the surface, SK has been paying attention to Ilno’s performance.Yi Nuo in many people’s eyes is relatively high talent, but his instability has been criticized by everyone.After zhang jiao took office this season, he must be very strict with the players, he certainly does not want the players to have some unnecessary mistakes.Cat’s support in this season is much better than last season. In the first game, he basically played around Yinuo, much like ace did before. In this case, yinuo’s survival rate will be much higher, and we are looking forward to the performance of AG and Yinuo.What do you think of SK’s praise of Enoch?Feel free to join us in the comments section.