CCTV reported that guilin quanzhou Maozhu Mountain village thick flavor

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On New Year’s Eve, 95-year-old Huang Shuying’s family had a happy reunion dinner for four generations.Reporter Chen Jing photo Taurus bow down old year, Tiger prance Spring Festival.On the eve of the Spring Festival, the urban and rural areas of Guilin enjoy a strong flavor of the New Year, and residents get together to celebrate the Spring Festival.The city has held various celebrations with its own characteristics to express its best wishes for the Year of the Tiger.Poverty alleviation red window cut up the Chinese New Year, the “village party” festival staged, a big round table full of “ten bowls”, drink grapes from the grape wine, the villagers sat together to eat the New Year’s Eve dinner…Everyone gathered to share the harvest and welcome the New Year of the Tiger.At noon on January 31, CCTV reporter walked into Maozhushan Village, Caiwan Town, Quanzhou County, and felt the festive atmosphere here.This Spring Festival, the beautiful village of Guilin is filled with a festive atmosphere.Villagers who have been lifted out of poverty welcome the New Year in jubilant spirits.Red roses, pink carnations, purple forget-me-nots, and lilies…Chinese New Year, Lingui will xian poverty alleviation li Mengnan’s house full of flowers, spring is in the air, a jubilant family to welcome the Year of the Tiger.Li Mengnan, 29, has a family of five people, who were once classified as poor families. Now, with the help of the government and their own efforts, they have successfully achieved poverty alleviation, and their life has become more ambitious.”This year is our first Spring Festival in our new home.There should be a lot of furniture and home appliances, the dinner is sumptuous and delicious, the whole family is very happy!”Lingchuan County jiuwu town Youtang village committee of the whole family natural village of the whole family ushered in a very meaningful Year of the Tiger Spring Festival.”We lifted ourselves out of poverty last year. Our new homes became real homes.Expect more money and a better life in the year of the Tiger!”Quan said with a smile, “The government has helped me so much these years. In the New Year, I will roll up my sleeves and work harder to make my life more prosperous.”On January 31, 95-year-old Huang Shuying’s 21-member family, consisting of four generations, gathered at her eldest daughter’s home for a reunion dinner.Children, granddaughters, grandsons and great-grandsons lap around the knee, the family is happy, let the elderly heart feel particularly warm.According to tradition, every family has the Reunion dinner on The eve of the New Year. Although the contents and methods of the reunion dinner vary slightly from family to family, the theme of warm reunion remains constant.Buying vegetables, washing vegetables, cooking, chicken, duck, fish, meat everything…Early in the morning on New Year’s Eve, che Jianfang, her eldest daughter, was busy.The chef for this year’s New Year’s Eve dinner is youngest son Che Jianbo, and other family members are also busy.The whole house is full of laughter, lively festival.”No matter how busy or far away I have been for so many years, I always go home to have dinner on New Year’s Eve.””Said Che Zhilong, the man’s grandson.Che Jianming, the second son, said, “The old man takes care of himself so that we can have a family reunion.Being together as a family is more important than anything.”A family on the table toasted together, saying blessings to each other, talking about household things, the joy of family shows.During the Spring Festival, under the premise of strict epidemic prevention and control, major scenic spots in The city launched a cultural and tourism consumption “feast” during the 2022 New Year’s Day and Spring Festival, inviting citizens and tourists to “make a scene” together.Alone Xiufeng · Wangcheng Scenic spot launched “New Year’s Day new play this year!Did you get lucky?”Activities, citizens tourists can give themselves a New Year in the scenic spot “blessing”.From the first to the third day of the lunar New Year, the seven Star Scenic spot will carry out activities such as lion dance performances and cartoon parade handing out red envelopes.Guilin Sunchuang International Tourism Resort has planned and organized New Year’s Fireworks show, folk music concert, New Year’s Eve story brass drum performance, blessing speakers, gold and jade flash mob, Spring Festival parade and other activities.A series of performances, a lively and interesting experience of intangible cultural Heritage, and a feast for the eyes with the exhibition of fine works.During the Spring Festival, cultural venues at all levels in Guilin hold a variety of cultural activities benefiting the people.Guilin Museum has launched the fourth season of “The Taste of The New Year is in the Museum” Series of activities, featuring four special exhibitions.The exhibition includes “Tiger Begetting Blessing — Group Exhibition of Spring Zodiac Cultural Relics pictures in The Year of the Tiger”, “Spring Festival Special Exhibition of Works of modern and contemporary art masters”, “Twelve Zodiac Animals Sending Blessing — Exhibition of Zodiac Cultural Relics in The Collection of Guilin Museum”, “Poetic Guilin — Guilin Landscape Culture Exhibition”, etc.Guilin Library has successively launched the online theme exhibition of “Visiting The Spring Festival Poetry Exhibition, Celebrating the Cultural New Year”, the Chinese New Year calligraphy and painting exhibition, the traveling exhibition of “Chinese Year in Classic Books”, and the activities of “Tiger ‘Reading’ Auspicious” — Clocking in the Spring Festival reading.Zhenpiyan National Archaeological Site Park will carry out a series of cultural activities called “Tiger-Tiger-Happiness — Celebrating Chinese New Year in the Museum”.