Don’t touch the new drugs synthetic cannabinoids

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Yesterday, the Dongcheng Court issued a warning to the public based on recent cases.Synthetic cannabinoids have been targeted by some drug dealers, who are circulating them disguised as “e-cigarettes for the head”.The sellers claim that smoking e-cigarettes is “safe” and “legal”, so as to lure people with less awareness of prevention into smoking them.Little do they know, this chemical synthetic drugs are far more harmful to the human body than marijuana.On March 23, a dongcheng court sentenced a man surnamed Wang to 15 years in prison for drug trafficking, deprived of his political rights for two years, and confiscated 60,000 yuan of personal property and 1,400 yuan of illegal gains.In this case, Wang mou and Tian Mou (another case processing) agreed to sell with 1400 yuan of price “top electronic cigarette” two, smoke oil two bottles.After collecting poison endowment, Wang mou delivers the way with express flash sends.The day of the transaction, police seized the items in the home of Tian, identified as containing synthetic cannabinoids 3.79 grams of drugs.Immediately, the police followed the lead, arrested Wang, and from wang’s body and the storage room of his residence, bedroom wardrobe, found disposable electronic cigarettes 129, canned cigarette oil 141 bottles, from these items, detected the state listed cannabinoids.The court has found that Wang violated the national drug management order, knowing that synthetic cannabinoids have been listed as drugs by the state to control the situation, for the purpose of seeking illegal benefits to others, the behavior has constituted the crime of drug trafficking.Wang mou department drugs again, should be given heavier punishment according to law.E-cigarettes are the main form of synthetic cannabinoids, and the main form of abuse is dissolved in e-cigarette oil, said a judge at dongcheng People’s Court.Drug dealers refer to them as “head e-cigarettes”, and they often claim that they are “safe head” or “legal head” to lure people who are not aware of drugs into smoking them.The criminals contact and trade through wechat and other social software. After the buyers pay the drug money, they deliver the goods and transport them by relying on various logistics services. The level of sales is usually as high as three to five, and the transaction method is hidden, the circulation speed is fast and the circulation scope is wide.The appearance of the e-cigarettes is similar to that of ordinary e-cigarettes. Couriers cannot distinguish them by naked eyes, and their identities are not carefully verified in the mailing process, which makes it difficult for the public security authorities to trace the source of the drugs.Dongcheng court, the defendant in such cases, the investigation of consciousness is very strong, as in some cases, the criminals to WeChat expression as a trading language, with “up arrow” and “brain” icon to refer to “top”, and expressed in “lightning” icon is available through the flash to send delivery, delete after receiving related chat records, to evade detection.On July 1, 2021, China officially added synthetic cannabinoids to the List of Controlled Varieties of Non-medicinal narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances.This means that all kinds of synthetic cannabinoids are drugs in the legal sense of China.Since then, all acts of trafficking in 18 new psychoactive substances, including synthetic cannabinoids and fluoroamine, have been punished by the courts as drug trafficking.The judge stressed that the “e-cigarette” is poison, not smoke.Vaping an e-cigarette containing synthetic cannabinoids is a drug use, which is punishable by detention and mandatory withdrawal of drug addicts.Synthetic cannabinoids are chemical compounds that are more addictive and more dependent than marijuana and far more harmful to the human body.Users can experience dizziness, vomiting, trance, hallucinogenic reactions.Overdose can lead to shock, suffocation, and even sudden death.The public must be alert to these new drugs disguised in fancy packaging such as “twigs”, “e-cigarettes” and “Natasha”.Our reporter Enron correspondent Bai Yu source: Beijing Evening News