Jinan Hospital Yanshan Community Health Service Center: Direct access to Qilu Hospital

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Known as the gatekeeper of residents’ health, general practitioners mainly provide integrated services such as prevention and health care, diagnosis, treatment and referral of common and frequently-occurring diseases, patient rehabilitation, chronic disease management and health management.Since September 2021, qilu hospital of shandong university in jinan hospital community health service center of yanshan officially opened “teaching demonstration outpatient service” in general medicine, once a month, all demand to choose suitable teaching according to the patients to the community, sent by qilu hospital physician has rich clinical experience in teaching, to the entire gauge cultivates students to guide and assist in making the diagnosis,Constantly improve the gatekeeper’s clinical thinking and practice ability.At present, Dr. Tang Kuanxiao, chief physician of endocrinology and general practice, Dr. Zhang Yuankai, deputy chief physician of Orthopedics, and Dr. Zheng Chunyan, deputy chief physician of general practice in Shandong University Qilu Hospital are all serving as instructors, and students and patients have received good responses.Teaching outpatient clinical teaching mode is a new, unique, is based on students as the main clinical doctor, ask medical history, physical examination, diagnosis and treatment of medical treatment activity, the teacher is to guide and assist, characterized by the teachers and students one on one, early doctor-patient one-on-one, pertinence, practice, practice, repeated practice, clinical teaching achievements can be evident.The establishment of “teaching demonstration Clinic” not only cultivates the ability of general practitioners to find, analyze and solve problems in clinical practice, but also strengthens the rigorous thinking of general practice, improves the professional and technical level, standardizes the clinical diagnosis and treatment activities, improves the medical quality, and achieves the purpose of teaching and learning.This will certainly help the attending doctors to understand the patients’ conditions in more sufficient time, and also help Qilu Hospital to train more excellent young doctors through practice, so as to cultivate the backbone for the development of grassroots medical institutions in the future, so as to benefit more patients and their families.As a standardized training base for general practitioners, Yanshan Community Health Service Center of Jinan Hospital is committed to training every student to be a qualified general practitioner with good professional ethics and professional quality, certain professional theories and techniques, and general practice thinking and diagnosis and treatment ability.As the community “teaching clinic” of Qilu Hospital, qilu Hospital will regularly send experts above the deputy chief physician to sink into the grassroots, which not only promotes the capacity of grassroots medical institutions, but also strengthens the construction of hierarchical diagnosis and treatment and regional medical association.The opening of “teaching Clinic” in Yanshan Community Health Service Center of Jinan Hospital enables patients with “multiple diseases in one body” in their jurisdiction to enjoy the services of experts from grade A hospitals at home, which effectively improves the sense of access and happiness of the masses.Residents in the area sincerely thank The Yanshan Community Health Service Center of Jinan Hospital as a bridge for conveying high-level expert services for them.