A special moment freeze frame!Beijing Winter Olympics, the voice from Jilin moved us all

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Pass the glory of ice and snow with hard work, write a new chapter of ice and snow with passion.As a province with a great tradition of ice and snow sports, athletes from Jilin province won two gold MEDALS, one silver medal and one bronze medal for the Chinese delegation at the Beijing Winter Olympic Games and became the backbone of the Chinese team in their pursuit for gold and silver MEDALS.In the journey of Beijing Winter Olympic Games beyond the dream, jilin ice athletes sweat and shed tears.Scenes of moving pictures, there is always a power to let us burst into tears, there is always a voice to let us surge.Chinese athletes Fan Kexin, Ren Ziwei, Qu Chunyu, Wu Dajing and Zhang Yuting (from LEFT to right) attend the medal presentation ceremony in Beijing, Capital of China, Feb 6, 2018.Xinhua News Agency reporter Ju Huanzong photograph “thanks to that never give up their own…I will stand on the ice as long as my country needs me and as long as my body allows me to.Never give in.”On February 5th, wu Dajing and his teammates let the world exclaim for “China speed” again on the ice of the Capital Gymnasium.On this day, The Chinese short-track team won the mixed team relay final, giving the Chinese delegation the first gold medal of the Beijing Winter Olympics.Jilin’s Wu Dajing has become the first Chinese man to win gold MEDALS in the winter Olympics, fulfilling his promise to set an example for China’s ice and snow athletes.Wu Dajing cried, sobbing!”I have experienced a lot in these four years, with ups and downs, highs and lows.I want to thank my team for not giving up, my family for supporting me and myself for never giving up.”When in the hometown of mother Lu Yuxiang in front of the TV camera to see this scene, the moment can not control the heart of excitement, mixed feelings tears.”My son is not easy,” Lu repeated.Eleven days later, on February 16, when Wu Dajing led China’s men’s short track speed skating team failed to win a medal, wu silently took off his skates and said, “I don’t know if I can participate in world competitions again.”This sentence also caught the imagination of many people, after all, Wu Dajing is 28 years old.Four years later, at the Winter Olympics in Milan, he was already there.But after just one day, Wu Dajing weibo voice: “there used to be considered after the Beijing Olympics is retired, but when I really stand on the field of that a moment, I found out that I was reluctant to say goodbye, to leave this I deeply loved the project, as long as the country needs to, as long as the body’s permission, I will always stand on the ice.Never give in.”This is the fortissa from Jilin ice.Qi Guangpu celebrates after a match in Beijing, Feb 16, 2018.”When I saw the national flag being raised, when I sang the national anthem, it was pure Chinese pride for the motherland.As long as there is a dream in your heart, as long as you are willing to insist, you will succeed, do not give up easily!”Qi Guangpu, a four-time Winter Olympian from Jilin Province, won the gold medal in the men’s aerials freestyle skiing event at the Beijing Winter Olympic Games on Feb 16 with a 5.0 on his final jump.This is the first snow event gold medal of Jilin Province in winter Olympic Games, jilin has become the only provinces and cities in the country to win gold MEDALS in both ice and snow events.Without a cold biting, how fragrant plum blossom?In 16 years, Qi Guangpu has experienced the creation of the highest difficulty of the world’s highlight, the glory of the World Competition, the winter Olympic Games, and also experienced temporary farewell and precipitation.But he fought his way through the highs and the lows.Qi Guangpu finally realized his dream in Beijing by winning the “Grand Slam” of world Championships, World Cup and Winter Olympics, and continued the new historical achievement of Chinese freestyle skiing aerials, which has become the pride of China.Standing on the podium, Qi Guangpu saw the five-star red flag fluttering in the wind, the corner of his eyes shed tears of happiness.”These 16 years are not easy, for an athlete there is probably only one 16 years.From the moment I stood on the court, I was fighting for the final champion. It was also because of the regret of the previous Olympics that I had to go all out and try at home.”Qi Guangpu did it.”You have to use it, you have to fight,” he said of his 5.0 move. “I know many competitors in the world have mastered this move. I will jump today no matter what.”His wife, Zhao Shanshan, wrote to her husband, Qi Guangpu: “I am excited and happy for you.You’re our family’s hero.”Qi guangpu, 32, has no intention of retiring just yet.He even said that his run was not as smooth as he expected: “Hopefully next year I’ll be able to carry the flag around the stadium more skillfully, maybe even two weeks.”This is the strongest sound from jilin snow.Chinese players Xu Mingfu (l) and Zhang Yangming pose for a group photo after their competition in Beijing, Feb 13, 2018.”When I came down from the mountains, I felt my ears popping. When I reached the finish line, my legs were soft and sore, but I must control them.After years of preparation, I will try my best to challenge my limits in every project.”On February 13, Zhang Yangming and Xu Mingfu finished 33rd and 36th out of 89 competitors in the first round of men’s giant slalom in alpine skiing.Both men surpassed China’s previous best of 40th, set by Li Guangxu at the 2006 Turin Winter Olympics.Earlier, Zhang Yangming and Xu Mingfu became the only two Asian athletes to participate in the Beijing Winter Olympic Games. This is the first time that The Chinese team has participated in this event in the History of the Winter Olympic Games. Xu Mingfu successfully finished the event.Alpine skiing is a test of the extreme. Zhang Yangming and Xu Mingfu from Jilin competed in three alpine skiing events, and the finish was already the biggest affirmation for them.In the men’s downhill race, Xu mingfu said, “AT the starting point, 60 percent of my heart was fear.Every time I go downhill, I go over 100 kilometers per hour, and I feel my ears popping.”Every descent, there are moments of more than 100 kilometers per hour, coming down from the mountain, the first feeling is ringing in the ears, fast and fast turn, it is a test for the body, when we reach the finish line, the legs are soft and sour, but we must control.”On February 17, the official website of the General Administration of Sport of China published an article titled “Zhang Yangming, Xu Mingfu — Success or failure is not a handicap.”We can’t just slide down to finish the race. That’s not the style of Chinese alpine skiers.In the men’s slalom this event, our Chinese team has achieved in the Winter Olympics, our goal is to break through.””Zhang yangming said.This is the fearless voice from Jilin.China’s Su Yiming celebrates after her match in Beijing, Feb 15, 2018.Xinhua News Agency reporter Xue Yuge photo “in The Beijing Winter Olympics I also harvest a lot, feel the strength of the motherland, without the motherland, there would be no me today.I am very proud of being a Chinese. When I put on the national flag, stood on the podium and the national anthem played, I really felt very, very happy.”Su Yiming, 17, from Jilin province, won the sixth gold medal of the Chinese team in the men’s big jump at the Beijing Winter Olympic Games on February 15.Su yiming became China’s first snowboarding gold medalist at the Winter Olympics and the country’s youngest winter Olympic gold medalist.In su’s own words, “there is no better coming-of-age ceremony”, he celebrated his 18th birthday at the Winter Olympics on Feb 18.Young has no limits, young dare to move forward.The child star turned snowboarder, a little famous rookie, has gone through the baptism of the Winter Olympics, the Chinese delegation has become the first snowboarding gold medal in the history of the Winter Olympics, the first men’s medal winner.Enjoyment and love, that’s how Su defines her first trip to the Olympics.”I have dreamed about this moment for a long time and put all my efforts into it. I have faced so many challenges and difficulties in the past four years.I just want to do my third run the way I like, the way I like to do it.All I really thought was, I’m going to enjoy this trip, I’m going to enjoy the most precious and beautiful moments of my life.””Actually, the biggest thing I felt this time was love, my love for snowboarding, the love from everyone, I felt deeply.I wouldn’t be who I am today if I left it.So this gold medal is not only my own, but also the result of everyone’s joint efforts.Gold medal moment, the motherland, let Su Yiming love deeper.”I am very proud of being a Chinese. When I put on the national flag, stood on the podium and the national anthem played, I really felt very, very happy.As a Chinese, I can do my best to give full play to the strength for their motherland.”This is the young voice from Jilin.As a major province of ice and snow sports, Jilin has made its due contribution to the wonderful, extraordinary and excellent Beijing Winter Olympic Games.A remarkable moment frozen, Beijing Winter Olympics from Jilin’s voice really let us all moved.China Gilin.com JI ke APP reporter Guo Yonghao scan wechat: share wechat click “discover”, scan the TWO-DIMENSIONAL code to share this article to moments of friends.