“Fighting epidemic”, Dragon and Wen protect each other!

2022-06-22 0 By

The sudden outbreak of the epidemic has left the busy streets deserted. On the day of reunion, many people were cut off in a foreign land and could not even meet the people they missed.And how many property owners gave up the opportunity to reunite with their families, stick to their posts day and night, building the first line of defense for the owners.But there are always some warm forces to support them……”Recently, it has been cooling down, it often rains, the weather is cold, you should pay attention to the floor to keep warm, these quilts are our little heart…”.Recently, the owner of Longwen Bihu Street Jianfa Bihu No. 1 sent a batch of epidemic prevention materials to the property, and sent warmth to the “epidemic prevention pioneers” in the front line of fighting the epidemic.△ The owner of Bihu No. 1 sent warm heart quilt to the property, property personnel strictly guarded, people in and out of the registration temperature measurement, check the health code, travel code, uninterrupted environmental elimination without dead corner, cooperate with the community nucleic acid testing……The epidemic prevention work is strong and orderly, and all measures are taken with care and sincerity.They are in the most ordinary positions, doing the most ordinary jobs.The property staff is carrying out the elimination work of this scene, item by item is the bihu No. 1 owners see in the eyes, remember in the heart.They spontaneously donated materials, for the war “epidemic” front-line property people to send warmth to the strength of mutual help to fight “epidemic”.”In this special period, has received the owner family love, we had no time to ask the name, they ran away from the line of sight, and thanks to every one of the owner’s selfless love donation, thanks to the majority of the owners of the property and epidemic prevention work understanding and support, we will do our best to do a good job of disease resistance, very period, when the conscientious, together to do a good job of epidemic prevention”,Construction and development property bihu No. 1 project staff said Xie Weifeng.A warm breakfast served by the owner of Biho No. 1