Ming dynasty emperor more bad king, qing dynasty emperor more wise king, this kind of ghost credible?

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Some people ask, why Ming dynasty is mostly bad king, but qing dynasty is almost no bad king?What do you think when you see this question? First of all, the storyteller is not a Ming fan. When we talk about this question, let’s first look at the so-called bad Kings of the Ming Dynasty.Bad king, as the name implies, is that they are ignorant, immoral, committed a lot of crimes to the country and the people, open the history of The Ming Dynasty, we found that the so-called Ming Dynasty bad king sneered at by netizens, seems to be the following several.Zhu Zhanji, emperor Xuanzong of the Ming Dynasty, liked to play cricket, and specially sent people to the South of the Yangtze River to find crickets to fight, so that the cricket prices in the South of the Yangtze River suddenly soared, farmers only catch crickets, regardless of farming.Ming Ying zong Zhu Qi zhen, war war, the defeat led to a great change in the Ming pattern.Ming Xianzong Zhu Jiashen, appointed a considerable part of the body.Leading to political corruption and rebellion in the southwest.Zhu Houzhao, emperor Wuzong of the Ming Dynasty, was in favor of the eight tigers during his reign of 16 years, which caused the Ming dynasty to decline again.Sagacious zhu Houcong, the emperor shizong of The Ming Dynasty, worshiped religion and trusted Yan Song and others, which led to political corruption and great calamity.Zhu Yijun, the God of Ming Dynasty, did not go to court for twenty years, resulting in the increasingly corrupt government, the Strength of the Ming Dynasty turned sharply, known Ming died in wanli said.Ming Xi Zong Zhu Youxiao, Zhu Youxiao during his reign, appointed Wei Zhongxian, do all bad things, too numerous to record!We look at qing Dynasty emperor again, zha look, alas?It seems that there is really no black material, feel the Qing Dynasty of those emperors, are really a few Ming Jun.Then some people want to ask, since the Qing dynasty emperors are all the Ming emperor, why the late Qing dynasty chaos, the disaster of my China for 200 years, so that my Chinese nation in these 200 years, has been living in hot water, this is known to everyone, but when I saw a netizen’s answer, I collapsed.He said that the reason why the Qing dynasty closed its doors to the rest of the world was that it inherited the isolation system of the Ming Dynasty, so it was the Ming Dynasty’s fault to be beaten in the last 200 years. Yes, this is very Korean. I wonder what the eunuch surnamed Zheng was doing with the largest fleet in the world at that time.First of all, I want to say is, the Ming and qing revision, according to these inheritances dynasty in the history of our country’s virtue, you will know that a lot of them, after all, if you don’t give the black one last dynasty, is not out of your legitimacy, your perfection, secondly, the early qing government did in the Ming empire had for hundreds of millions of people,A bit at a loss, because they know that, for they are mixed, millions of people to manage the country’s hundreds of millions of people, must be carefully, so they are straight into the system of the Ming dynasty, aggressively buy han noble family of the heart, such as chongzhen wear gown, dourgen back again lights, an emperor chongzhen shun zhi period, in the end after the chaos of San Francisco,Kangxi seemed to have realized what was going on, and he firmly held on to his power, created a flourishing era, stabilized the political structure, and set about cleansing The Han culture.Especially in the yongzheng and qianlong, that was unprecedented, their purpose is to break the efficiencies of faith, let efficiencies that their culture is dross, cost efficiencies cultural self-confidence, accepting everything manchu culture, let the qing court did not expect, however, a series of SAO operation, let the people of the whole world turned into a zombie, neither fish nor fowl,Even after qianlong’s death, the Opium War broke out.Good, did not say much, Qianlong did some of what shady thing, everybody searches know, the history of that 200 years of Full Qing dynasty is there for all to see, but every has a bright king, also unlikely to let us suffer the ostracizing of the western world now.There is also why the Republic of China period, there is no black biography of the Qing Dynasty?In storytellers, point of view, that’s because the manchus chose a more respectable way out of the historical stage, plus the abdicated qing, warlords are everywhere, even to the hands of the republic of China, is not a true master, plus Japan powers in the wantonly set on the earth, who have the free time to write illustrate?It was not until 2004 that Our country began to compile the History of The Qing Dynasty. At that time, the History of the Qing Dynasty was just another generation from our country today. Its content must be true, if you are interested, you can go and have a look.