Spring outing camping in Panyu at that time “ten mile corridor ecological oasis” waiting for you to come

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Qingming festival, the grass grows and waroles fly, the climate is pleasant, it is a good time to travel to enjoy the scenery, outdoor camping has become a fashion leisure way of panyu citizens.On April 3, people with tents set up camp at a rest station along bidao of Shawan Waterway in Panyu.On the afternoon of April 3, the reporter from qiaonan Street Caohe village through the dajiulu Bridge into The Town of Dashisha Island, along the way to see the flow of cars in and out of Dashisha Island.Under the Shawan Bridge, dozens of cars are parked on both sides of the bridge.In the south dike section of Dado Sha Island, a long queue of cars parked under the banyan tree on the north side of the road, and various tents and awnings set up at the rest station on the south side of the road.A tent or awning is like a mobile “home”, which is placed with simple tables and chairs, MATS, cooking utensils, drinking water and food and other camping supplies, some a few people sitting outside the tent on the mat chat, playing cards, snacks, playing mobile phones, some three or five people around the simple table tea, chat.A Yang, a citizen, said: “After breakfast, I drove to here with my family. First, I occupied a place, set up a tent, set up tables and stools, and prepared food materials. When I finished, I sat under the tent drinking tea and chatting, while the children played beside me, feeling very comfortable.”Miss Huang of citizen shows her outdoor cook to the reporter, it is a small-sized fuel gas stove, a bottle of fuel gas with size of drink bottle only was installed on fuel gas stove, fuel gas stove can boil water, boil noodles, carry convenient.”Boil water and cook noodles outside the tent, play cards and chat inside the tent.”Miss Huang says, in recent years, holiday arrives big knife sand island camping person more and more, camp here, it is the sand bay waterway with blue sky and clear water on one side, it is the idyllic scenery with elegant environment on the other side, the mood is joyful.Shawan waterway has advantaged riverbank natural scenery resources, Daddaosha Island ecological verdant, with the “ten-mile corridor ecological oasis”.In recent years, the panyu district promote shawan waterway (broadsword sand island to view dragon island) for the southern dike for the southern dike for green construction, according to the type rural basic standards for ascension, among them, the broadsword sand island in the south of some design theme of oasis ecology, in particular landscape nodes increased at the same time focus on improve the standardization of form a complete set, make public holidays outdoor play a good place to go.Outdoor camping can be fun to enjoy flowers, take photos, fly kites, fish, chat and play cards, etc.However, the current epidemic prevention and control situation is still relatively serious, citizens and friends should take protective measures, abide by the epidemic prevention and control policy, keep a certain distance between tents, wear masks, do not crowd, do not gather, do not spit, defecate, litter, do not travel safely and civilized.Article/Photo: Fanyu Rong Media reporter Wang Hanwen