Super child star Kong Rong, let the image of the pear deep into the hearts of people, why was killed because of unfilial piety after growing up

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In this age of entertainment to death, a lot of people’s desire is that their favorite child stars do not have long residual, but the fact that there is no long residual child star is really very few, a lot of people eat melons are sigh.There is also a super child star in history, the story of his childhood can be said to be well-known, but unfortunately, after growing up, not only long disabled, but also long disabled, and finally was executed for unfilial charges, this person is the famous Kong Rong.Speaking of Kong Rong, compared with many people who know the story of Kong Rong let pear, this Kong Rong is too famous in China, as an essential story for children’s education, almost every generation of Chinese people when they are very young, will have a very tall image of Kong Rong.When I grew up and came into contact with the Romance of The Three Kingdoms, I realized that Kong Rong was really fierce and fierce. Even liu Bei, the protagonist, was in ecstasy after receiving a letter of help from Kong Rong, because Kong Rong knew liu Bei was enough to make liu Bei very proud, which shows how famous Kong Rong was at that time.When Kong Rong was young, he was definitely a child and moral model of others. In addition to being the descendant of Confucius, Kong Rong’s words and deeds were indeed worthy of his own fame.When Kong Rong was sixteen years old at that time, zhang Jian, one of his brother’s best friends, was arrested by the government for taking refuge with kong Bao.At that time, the imperial court was corrupt and stupid, so Kong Rong decided to leave the people behind. Later, Zhang Jian escaped, but kong Rong’s brothers were arrested. Kong Rong said, “I took them in, you can kill me.The elder brother said to Gong Bao, “It is not my brother’s fault that Zhang Jian came to me. It is my fault and you can kill me.A family of three people competing to die, this matter moved the prefecture governor, reported to the court, the court was so impressed by this behavior that the family was pardoned, from which Kong Rong’s reputation also increased.Kong Rong later became an official. He was upright and loved by the people. If the plot goes on like this, maybe Kong Rong will be a good official and a great scholar in history.At that time, it can be said that Kong Rong’s knowledge was of the highest order. Generally, people with higher knowledge often have the trouble of being arrogant and feeling that others are inferior to them.Some knowledge, you study deeply, the conclusion is likely to be different from people’s common sense, today many experts often say surprising, just for this reason.Kong Rong is also a great scholar. Once after his analysis, he came to the conclusion that parents and children are just like bottles and water. When water comes out of the bottle, there is no relationship between the two.Moreover, parents gave birth to children only for the purpose of making themselves happy. This was the famous theory of parental unkindness, which was immoral at the time.In fact, strictly speaking, the idea that parents are ungrateful is fine from a philosophical point of view or from the standpoint of parents’ attitude to their children, but the fear that this conclusion is generalized can be a big problem.In the end, Cao Cao killed Kong Rong for spreading this kind of unfilial speech. Cao Cao’s killing of Kong Rong was not jealousy or jealousy. There were some elements of Cao Cao’s killing to make himself more powerful, but also some elements of Kong Rong himself.If you occasionally have an opinion that is shocking to the world, you can discuss it in a small circle. He will not, but he will make it known to the public. He knows his name is big, but he insults Cao Cao in public and embarrass him.It is a very big problem for Kong Rong to be too confident about his talent. It is also the most common mistake for ordinary people to make. They always feel that others are inferior to them, and they despise traditional views when they know something novel.Once people become arrogant, they will be separated from the masses. Ordinary opinions can be accepted by the masses for certain reasons, while those so-called deeper and more advanced theories may only be a name of the matter, while arrogant people take one aspect as the whole of the matter.Kong Rong’s death, died of arrogance, died of self-righteousness, died of his own words too much.