The world’s largest container ship construction speed up!Another 24000TEU container ship is docked

2022-06-22 0 By

Recently, hudong Zhonghua Shipbuilding (Group) Co., Ltd. built the 24,000 TEU ultra large container ship No. 7 docked successfully in The No.2 Dock of CSSC Changxing Shipbuilding Base.This is the company’s first big production node in the year of the Tiger, marking the construction of the world’s largest container ship into a new phase of comprehensive acceleration.Xiaobu learned that Hudong Zhonghua has placed a total of 8 orders for this type of ship, 7 are under construction at the same time, and 3 are planned to be delivered this year, which are independently developed and designed by the company.Orders ship equipped with hybrid Scrubber desulphurization device, using the latest global green environmental protection, high efficiency and energy saving, safe and reliable design scheme, its unique ball nose stem, large diameter propeller and energy-saving catheter device, make the ship fast performance and low energy consumption are fully reflected, is the current packing volume level of the world’s biggest ship type.It is worth mentioning that Hudong Zhonghua adopted bubble drag reduction system and shaft generator system for the first time on the 24,000 TEU ultra large container ship, which became the two highlights of this type of ship.Bubble drag reduction system can effectively reduce the ship’s total energy consumption, can reduce the corresponding 3% – 4% of the total carbon emissions, roughly the operation can reduce the nearly 6000 tons a year, and the shaft generator system can reduce fuel consumption, can optimize EEDI indicators of energy efficiency, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, can significantly reduce the ship’s fuel costs at the same time, considerable economic and social benefits.Yang Zhenying