To optimize the service business environment, Nanjing Fire issued ten measures to warm enterprises and benefit people

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Today (April 6), the reporter learned from Nanjing Fire Protection, in order to provide more safe and reliable fire services and security to the enterprises and the masses, nanjing fire protection, combined with the actual formulated and issued the “Nanjing Fire Rescue Detachment to optimize the Service business Environment ten measures” (trial).The ten measures are only for fire fighting and heating enterprises, fire fighting for the benefit of the people, the specific content is as follows: 1. No punishment for minor violations of the law for minor violations and timely correction, no harmful consequences, fire rescue institutions will not impose administrative punishment.If the wrongdoer meets the circumstances of a lighter punishment, the punishment shall be implemented in accordance with the law and regulations.The process of fire control supervision and law enforcement has been comprehensively simplified. In principle, the annual inspection of key units of fire control safety shall not exceed two times, and the inspection of non-key units shall not exceed one time. The “no inspection outside the plan” shall be strictly implemented to ensure that nothing is troubling the people.For units in need, the implementation of appointment physical examination, take the initiative to guide the establishment of fire management internal control mechanism, to help rectify fire hazards.Take the initiative to provide fire safety training for key units of fire safety every year.Simplification of administrative licensing For public gathering places put into use of fire declaration work, do immediately.Before business, the fire department to advance the pre-inspection service, improve the approval rate.V. Full disclosure of law enforcement Information Take the initiative to disclose relevant fire enforcement information to the society in accordance with laws and regulations, protect the parties and the public’s right to know, right to participate and right to express, further standardize the right of discretion, and accept social supervision in the whole process.Vi. Standardization of fire control technology Service To strengthen supervision of social fire control service institutions, increase the exposure of enterprises that violate laws and regulations, so that social units accept better fire control technology services.Normalize the supervision of fire control products to strengthen the supervision of fire control products in the society, regularly inform the society of the list of fake and shoddy fire control products, so that social units can safely choose and use qualified, safe and reliable fire control products.Speed up the construction of fire stations and stations, improve the business capacity of fire rescue personnel, so as to receive police quickly, quickly out, quickly on the scene, quickly rescue, minimize the loss of people’s lives and property.To carry out fire protection publicity, training and education extensively in the city’s communities, organize the masses to carry out “real water, real fire” fire experience activities, effectively improve the people’s awareness of fire safety and fire self-rescue ability.10. Fast fire accident investigation: Accurately seal the site, quickly identify the cause and remove the site closure after a fire accident.For fires with simple plots and clear causes, the investigation period of fire causes should be reduced so that enterprises can quickly resume production and business activities.(source: Jiangsu news broadcast/Wang Dejian correspondent/Ning Xiaoxuan) Statement: the copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: