Update on the flight accident of China Eastern MU5735 on March 21

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What is the latest progress of Xinhua News Agency reporters’ search?What is the status of the technical investigation?How’s the DNA match working?The 9th press conference of the National Emergency Response Headquarters of China Eastern Airlines flight Accident MU5735 on March 21 was held on April 28.What’s the latest on the search?As of 12 am Monday, searchers had sent a total of 15,640 people to repeatedly search the core area and surrounding key areas, and found 36,001 pieces of wreckage and debris, said Zhu Tao, director of the aviation safety office of the Civil Aviation Administration of China.In the peripheral areas of the core area, in addition to the deployment of manual dragnet search, five uav aerial photography search teams were also organized, with a total search area of about 9.546 million square meters.Photo taken on March 27, 2018 shows the black box, the second black box to be recovered.Xinhua News Agency reporter Lu Boan photography technical investigation work progress?Zhu Tao introduces, at present, the two black boxes on the flight of the decoding work is under way, the technical investigation are also accelerating, airworthiness of aircraft maintenance, crew training, passenger baggage and cargo, a large number of text, audio and video evidence, such as air traffic control command monitoring materials collection, screening, summary and comb analysis, interviews with witnesses investigation etc are also nervous orderly.How’s the DNA match going?DNA comparison of 132 victims has been completed, and the handover plan and classification standards for remains are being improved, Zhu said.How to arrange the remains of victims?Zhong Changzi, mayor of Wuzhou city, said the wuzhou funeral home is now in charge of receiving the remains of the victims handed over by the search and rescue team, and they have been properly kept.The search for the remains of the accident is still ongoing, and it will take some time to identify and classify the remains. Professional and technical personnel from the public security, civil affairs and health departments will be organized for the remains to be collected in accordance with relevant regulations and in accordance with laws and regulations, the principle of being people-oriented, prudent and prudent, and safeguarding the dignity of the deceased.DNA identification and identification, registration numbers, and epidemic prevention will be carried out.After the completion of relevant work, in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations and related procedures on the premise of respecting the wishes of family members.Photo taken on March 27, 2019 shows the mourning site.A mass mourning for the victims of the March 21 China Eastern MU5735 flight accident was held at the search and rescue site on Sunday afternoon.Xinhua News Agency reporter Huang Xiaobang after the handling of the work situation?According to Zhu, the team has continued to provide services and support to the bereaved families. As of 12 o ‘clock Sunday, 626 bereaved families had been received and 809 bereaved family members had been organized to visit the site of the accident to mourn the victims.We collected 168 appeals from the families of the victims, established a working ledger for all of them, and actively promoted their settlement.How to ensure the safety of epidemic prevention, site environment and construction operations?In order to ensure the search and investigation of the accident, the headquarters will focus on the safety of epidemic prevention and control, the on-site environment and construction work, Zhu said.We will strictly control the office areas of the headquarters and search sites, implement the “three-code joint inspection”, and strictly sterilize the staff and vehicles entering and leaving the core area.As of 10 o ‘clock Sunday, 39,502 nucleic acid tests had been carried out at 37 nucleic acid testing sites, and about 599,000 square meters of office areas and hotels had been disinfected. Four disinfection sites had been set up in the core area, covering 25,600 square meters of disinfected area and 50,300 square meters of disinfected area outside the core area.At the core site of the flight accident of “March 21” China Eastern MU5735 aircraft, the mountains are steep on both sides. For safety reasons, the rescue workers hung one end of the safety rope to the trees on the mountain and tied the other end to their waists for search and rescue.Xinhua News Agency reporter Lu Boan take the next core area of the excavation work how to prevent secondary disasters?Lu Yuzeng, a professor at Guilin University of Technology, said four measures will be taken to assess the situation, design a safe search and excavation plan, set up monitoring and early warning equipment in a scientific way, and raise the awareness of rescue workers to prevent secondary disasters.