Yongchun: “Spring Breeze action” helps people get jobs at home

2022-06-23 0 By

Fujian Daily · new Fujian client on January 28 (reporter Huang Qiongfen correspondent Kang Qingping) “did not expect yongchun’s good enterprises many, good employment environment, next year I plan to find an enterprise to work in the county industrial park, close to home and convenient.”On January 27, yongchun County Wuli Street town held the “spring breeze action” recruitment fair, after a detailed understanding of the local employment situation, the town’s Putou village returned to work villagers Mr. Lin said happily.The job fair on that day attracted many migrant workers returning home, urban and rural unemployed, college and technical school graduates, urban and rural surplus labor, migrant workers, registered poor labor, veterans and other participants.After the staff introduced the working environment, salary and development prospects of enterprises in Yongchun County, many people said that they would not go out for work next year, but prepared to find a suitable enterprise employment at the “doorstep”, in order to take both work and family, and 185 people reached the employment intention.According to Yongchun County Wuli Street town Party secretary Yan Weihuang introduced, in order to better use the Spring Festival time to carry out recruitment work, the town multi-measures simultaneously for the local people to build publicity, promotion, consulting, services and other platforms.In addition to holding a job fair, the town also organized the town of villages, communities to set up employment service points for returning talents, and arrange a person responsible;Establish a wechat working group for returning migrant workers to facilitate information exchange and consultation;Organize some returning talents and migrant workers to visit relevant enterprises in the town, hold face-to-face communication meetings, and use new media and other means to vigorously promote employment information.Source: Fujian Daily · New Fujian app