DNF weiyang 4 kinds of brick touch gold way

2022-06-24 0 By

DNF did not end 4 kinds of brick touch gold way: brick way 1, 1 start, climb the tower: this way is suitable for just began to contact weiyang fantasy partners, 7.5W gold coins a day, weiyang fantasy Yunke place, buy 6 times 1 step Sinan, brush can be.2, A ticket sharing low cost: after accumulating A certain Yurong force, we can brush team Siman with other partners. When brushing, each team member needs to provide the same number of team Siman, commonly known as A ticket.3 Si Nan: 1~3 si Nan can increase the magic force, this stage of si Nan every 1 point Yurong can increase a monster, cost-effective.4~6 order sinan can be processed without.Level 7 and above can adjust the attributes according to their actual situation, single si Nan best adjust the additional drop rate increase of si Nan attributes, and increase a certain amount of magic power.4. Yurong: Low order Yurong below 1~30 can be directly disintegrated, or magic 1~3 low order Siman.30~70 yurong power yurong can enchant Sinan.More than 70 points of Yurong can be traded and yurong synthesis, a wave of magic Yurong three core gameplay introduction cloud weiyang moving brick touch gold, there can be three core gameplay: low order permanent play, the most stable income, no risk, just into the pit of the first choice of players.Round table mutual ticket play, high income and stability, no risk, but the need for social contact, the best way to move bricks touch gold, it is recommended to play for a long time.Driving, driving, high-order gambling jade play, overnight wealth, cloud on Macau, high risk and income instability, strongly do not recommend, because we are to move bricks touch gold, not to bet.