How to protect your child’s life with insurance in 2022?

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Hi, I’m Wenwen Dabao Belle, your heel insurance blogger.Walking on the right road is the first step to success;Reading the correct insurance knowledge popularization is also the most critical point to buy insurance.Configuration insurance is not a thing that can be done once and for all, different periods of responsibility, the risk is not the same.Accordingly, insurance needs to be dynamically planned according to the actual situation of different life stages.Ok, so here’s how To insure your child for life in 2022.01 How to buy insurance for children?Before buying insurance, many friends do not consider their own insurance needs, nor do they understand the insurance content of the product. They just focus on the “cost performance”, requiring the premium to be as low as possible. As for the insurance content, they do not care at all.This is the biggest mistake in buying insurance.Wenwen big insurance belle understands everyone’s mood very well. Whether we buy insurance or other things, we must hope for “good quality and low price” and “high cost performance”, who buy insurance, do not want to be “cheated”.However, the problem is that some people also take advantage of our psychological, some dislocation of the “security comparison” : take only the price of the security of the regular, compared with the protection of lifelong security, and then said that the protection of lifelong serious disease insurance are pits;In order to “cheap premium”, only pick the lowest premium age to do comparison, misleading everyone to think that all age premiums are the same;Or is completely disregard everyone’s security needs, blindly is “cheap cheap this program is the cheapest”……When we choose insurance products, we must not blindly fall into the idea of “cheap is good” and “expensive is pit”.”Insurance is what you pay for”. It is not only meaningless to ignore the insurance premium, but also easy to miss out on the insurance that our children really need.Do not blindly pursue the so-called “high cost performance”, affect the security of children.Remember, giving our children comprehensive insurance coverage is the first thing we should consider.What kind of insurance do children need?In fact, it is very simple: serious disease insurance + medical insurance + accident insurance.If the basic security is fully configured and there is extra budget, you can consider saving for your child’s education.02 children’s serious disease insurance configuration ideas (1) why to give no income of the children insured serious disease insurance?As we said before, critical illness insurance is “loss of earnings compensation insurance.” If the child has no income, does it not need critical illness insurance?Serious illness insurance as a serious illness disability subsidy, high compensation can give children a good guarantee for the future.Medical insurance can indeed solve the problem of medical expenses during the treatment, but medical insurance can only solve the problem of medical expenses.When you have a serious illness, you need to consider not only how to treat it now, but also all the financial costs for your child in the future.The damage caused by a major illness can affect a child for life.Affect children’s future school, work, love, life……Moreover, when a child is seriously ill, the cost of treatment and subsequent rehabilitation is more expensive.According to the statistics of China’s National Cancer Center from 2000 to 2010, there are about 22,000 new cases of childhood cancer in China every year. In the past decade, the annual growth rate of cancer incidence among children aged 0-14 has reached 2.5%.However, it is gratifying that the cure rate of children’s tumors can be more than 70%, for example, the early cure rate of leukemia can be as high as 95%.The cure rate is high, but so are the medical expenses. Leukemia can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to treat, which is often unaffordable for ordinary families.After the child has a serious illness, the body will have a decline in all aspects of function, the need for follow-up nutrition, rehabilitation and so on, this series of spending is not a small number of years down.Most importantly, if a child becomes seriously ill, at least one parent needs full care and cannot work properly, and critical illness insurance also compensates for the loss of income.In general, the compensation of serious illness insurance can greatly reduce the financial burden of the family, whether it is used for rehabilitation treatment or for the maintenance of daily life.Therefore, even if the child has no source of income, it is also in great need of the protection of serious illness insurance.(2) How long is the child’s critical illness insurance coverage appropriate?Serious disease danger divides according to safeguard time, can be divided, safeguard certain time, if safeguard 30 years, safeguard arrives 70 years old “regular serious disease danger”, and safeguard arrives lifelong “lifelong serious disease danger”.(1) Most of the serious illness insurance is “guaranteed for 30 years”, focusing on the critical period of the growth of the first 30 years of a child’s life.Because safeguard time is short, protect 30 years serious disease danger to say insurance cost is very low normally, 500 thousand protect the forehead 600 or 700 dollars can buy.The advantage of periodic critical illness insurance is that it is cheap and highly leveraged, which is a typical representative of “doing big things with little money”.But the downside is also obvious — the risk gap is huge.If a claim for a mild, moderate or severe illness occurs within 30 years, it is highly likely that the child will not be able to buy any insurance in the future.After the expiration of the security period, the child’s future life will be faced with no insurance, complete “naked running” state.Or although there is no claim, but in the 30 years of changes in the health condition, then after the expiration of the insurance, want to take out other serious disease insurance, may also be unable to pass the health notice, facing no insurance can buy the embarrassing situation.② Protect life now children serious disease insurance products, most of them have the protection of “serious disease multiple compensation” and “cancer multiple compensation”.Both of these safeguards are important, and if the budget allows, both recommendations should be chosen.Under such protection, even if serious disease claims really occur in the middle, there are still serious disease and cancer second indemnity guarantee in the future, there is no lack of protection.In the choice “protect lifelong” below the circumstance, do not suggest everybody to choose the serious disease risk of single compensate very much.If you choose a single claim for serious illness insurance, the child will face the same risk of no insurance protection in the future after the insurance claim.So, buy insurance to the child, the most comprehensive configuration, it is “protect lifelong + serious disease compensate for many times + cancer compensate for many times”, do not leave safeguard dead Angle.(3) Why buy children’s exclusive serious disease insurance products?Among the serious disease insurance products for children on the market now, there are generally “specific serious diseases for children” and “rare diseases for children”.Why does Big Baby Wenwen stress this point?Before a child becomes an adult, the high incidence of serious diseases is not quite the same as in adulthood, such as Kawasaki disease, which generally peaks between the ages of 1 and 3.Since it is to buy insurance for children, then the function of “additional compensation for children’s specific diseases” is the top priority, to strengthen the protection of some of the high incidence of serious diseases in children’s period.When we choose children’s specific serious disease protection, we generally look at two points: (1) The longer the protection time, the better: some products for children’s specific serious disease only to 18 years old, some products can be guaranteed to 30 years old, and some products are guaranteed for life.Under the same conditions, the longer the guarantee time for children with specific serious diseases, the better.Of course, many children have high incidence of specific serious diseases, that is, before adulthood, so in the choice of this one, the longer the guarantee time is certainly the better, but if only 30 years, there is no big problem.(2) Full coverage of high incidence of children’s special diseases: in the protection of high incidence of children’s diseases, the more the number of diseases guaranteed, the wider the coverage of high incidence of diseases, the better.For serious diseases such as leukaemia, which has a high incidence in all age groups, children’s serious disease insurance can enjoy the protection of double coverage.Children’s special disease insurance is a very important part of children’s serious disease insurance, and also an important factor to measure whether a product is good enough.If the child in the process of growing up, suffering from one of children’s special diseases, generally can get double or even more insurance compensation.03 Children’s medical insurance configuration ideas (1) children need what medical insurance protection?In fact, many parents buy the biggest demand for insurance for their children, is that their children can be reimbursed for hospitalization.Children need medical insurance protection, can be roughly divided into three categories: national medical insurance, small medical insurance, millions of medical insurance.(1) The national children’s medical insurance for babies can be reimbursed.The advantage of national children’s health insurance is that there is no health requirement, even if the claim has not affected the renewal of insurance, as long as the annual payment can be guaranteed every year, there is no need to worry that it will stop selling.If anything, medicare couldn’t cover all of our medical expenses while we were in the hospital, only part of what was covered by Social Security.The part that medical insurance does not reimburse, like the safeguard of a few import medicine, at one’s own expense medicine, can undertake supplement with commercial medical insurance.② small medical insurance hospitalization need is “small medical insurance” protection, can make up for millions of medical insurance “10 thousand deductibles” vacancy, reimbursement is not a small number of small hospitalization expenses.After all, children usually hospitalized, more or pneumonia, hand, foot and mouth these problems, most of a spend two or three thousand dollars, so the frequency of small hospitalization insurance used higher.Of course, there are some products that can reimburse the medical expenses of the child to see the outpatient clinic. If the child is weak and goes to the hospital more often, then you can also consider configuring an outpatient insurance for the child, how much can reimburse some.It needs to be noted that small hospital insurance is often poor stability, is simply love to stop selling.If we consider the stability of the product, we can consider the mid-end medical insurance products of “small amount of one million two in one” and “zero deductible for hospitalization”.The advantage of millions of medical insurance millions of medical insurance is not limited to the scope of social security, as long as the remaining part of the deductible can be reimbursed, is a kind of serious illness security leverage ratio is very high products.In addition to inpatient medical treatment, special outpatient service, outpatient surgery, outpatient and emergency care expenses before and after hospitalization can also be reimbursed.The better one million medical insurance can also reimburse out-of-hospital drugs for cancer, proton and heavy ion medical treatment, with value-added services such as hospitalization advance and green channel for serious diseases.And millions of health insurance products are now “guaranteed for up to 20 years,” meaning you don’t have to worry about renewing your insurance for 20 years.As long as it is within the guaranteed renewal period, even if the product is discontinued, the renewal will not be affected.(4) high-end medical insurance have children’s friends know, with children to see a doctor, is a very difficult thing.The “difficulty” of taking children to see a doctor is not a matter of money, but of time and energy.Register, queue for two hours;Tests, two hours in line;For five minutes;Take medicine and two hours……Some questions may not have been asked clearly, and the doctor will quickly say “next”.Therefore, many parents plan to insure high-end medical insurance products for their children and go to high-end medical institutions to enjoy better medical services.Sure, premium health insurance is a little more expensive, but it’s worth it.For example, in the expensive united Family hospital, the registration fee for outpatient service is 1200 yuan at a time. When a child goes to see a doctor for a cold and fever, 5,000 or 6,000 yuan will be spent casually.Premiums for high-end health care at private, even expensive, hospitals are fleecing insurance companies.If there are some good private and expensive hospitals in the area and the budget is sufficient, it is also a good choice to configure a high-end medical insurance product for your child.04 children’s accident insurance configuration ideas, children are the most easy to get out of insurance projects, is the “accident insurance”.Children are lively and active in nature, and do not have a good sense of prevention of external risks. Therefore, small accidents like cat scratching and dog biting are inevitable in the growth of children.① Accidental death of children’s accident insurance products, the general insurance amount is not very high.According to the regulations, the death insurance standard for children is: less than 10 years old 200,000;10-18 ≤ 500,000.This is also to avoid moral hazard.Accordingly, accident danger is right for the child, the biggest effect is accident disable the safeguard of accident medical treatment.(2) Accidental disability Although the country has a limit on the death of children, but there is no limit on the compensation for accidental disability.If unfortunately because of the accident caused disability, also by the amount of insurance compensation.For example, protect the accident insurance of the specified amount of 1 million, if because of accidental death, the amount of compensation cannot exceed the limit, but accidental disability is not affected, still is to pay compensation according to the scale.(3) Accidental medical children are small, it is inevitable that they will be injured because of naughty knock against, or when playing with small animals, they are not careful to be scratched, these accidental medical expenses are reimbursed.In the security of accidental medical treatment, it is suggested that we give priority to the “accidental medical treatment 0 deductible, 100% reimbursement, unlimited social security medication” products.Of course, no matter how we configure it, there is no one-size-fits-all insurance plan.Accord with oneself safeguard demand, go out of danger when managing compensate can be used smoothly, such insurance just is the good insurance that suits oneself.In fact, when we choose products for the baby, we may focus on the second compensation for serious diseases, may focus on the second compensation for cancer, may focus on the first serious disease compensation proportion, may focus on the scope and time of children’s specific serious diseases……These are very individual needs, and we need to discuss them individually.There are no golden rules when it comes to shopping, just do it for yourself. Many times I will be asked: Why don’t you recommend xx products?Insurance is not lipstick, and I can’t buy all colors.Most of the products I recommend to you are because I have dealt with the insurance company and have a thorough understanding of the products and claims.There are many good products, we can not evaluate one by one, today choose method to teach you, look good start on the line.