Phoenix one held the implementation of the idea of “double reduction” after school situation analysis meeting

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Conference site.In order to deeply implement the national “double reduction” policy and the spirit of fenghuang County thought liberation activities, do a good job in school education and teaching work, April 8, Fenghuang County first middle school held the implementation of “double reduction” thought after school situation analysis meeting.The meeting first summarized and analyzed the situation of learning condition diagnosis and teaching routine monthly examination.Secondly, put forward five specific measures to improve the quality of teaching: one is to strengthen the ideological education of students, let each student see the hope;The second is to strengthen the class discipline management, so that each class of students can study quietly;Three is the teacher in charge of each student set a good goal, points good study group, so that students help each other, common growth;Fourth, teachers should pay attention to teach students according to their aptitude, pay attention to both ends and improve the overall level;Fifth, teachers should optimize the homework design, so that knowledge points in place.Principal Huang Qianjin stressed that all teachers should use the great emancipation of their minds to promote the transformation of their way of thinking and improve their working ability, strengthen the cultivation of teachers’ ethics, practice the norms of teachers’ ethics, adhere to the original intention of education, bravely undertake the mission of education, deeply understand the “double reduction” policy, and strive to reduce the burden and improve the quality of the school in the face of the epidemic.The copyright belongs to the original author, salute the original