Such as the end of the epidemic, to the martyrs park, Nianjia Lake lakeside peach blossom are open

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Bright flowers bloom everywhere.(Photo: @ Fog is not fog) How can we know the spring scenery like this until we reach the garden?The garden of spring can not be caged.(Photo: @fog non fog) On March 27, under a lot of days of rain changsha briefly cleared up, martyrs Park Niangjia Lakeside, peach and willow green, full of spring can not be locked up.Because of the impact of the epidemic, there are few visitors in the park, which is particularly calm and elegant.Some people say they want to slow down the spring and go to the park to see flowers when the epidemic is over.There are people who want to go shopping, want to drink milk tea to see the bustling people, want to say thank you to the medical staff……The epidemic is over, let’s go spring together!Copyright @ fog non fog belongs to the original author, please indicate the author!If there is infringement, please contact us immediately to delete!