The second day, return home inheritance

2022-06-24 0 By

Today is an auspicious day, February 2, 2022, Tuesday, the second day of the lunar calendar, as the saying goes, good things become double reunion, young couples both back, pressure year red envelopes in pairs, children and grandchildren around the knee hair, rich dishes on the table, bowls and pans in pairs.Happy even number people like.On the second day of the first lunar month, daughters and sons-in-law return home according to the custom of Zhou.Probably most parts of China have the custom of returning home on this day.Although different forms around, but reflect the reunion, harmonious family.His father-in-law died young.Ten years ago, my mother-in-law died.From then on, he and his wife went back home, the most important ceremony of the Spring Festival.My daughter is growing up.One day, when she has their own small home, the second day, we will also wait for them to return home.In thinking, we will also look at them with kind eyes, busy for them to live a sumptuous meal, we really old.The daughter is always the parents’ concern, which parents are not worried about their children, parents do not want their children’s “left a chicken, right hand a duck”, but let their children take away a chicken, take away a duck, full of parents and ardent exhortation and love.Sumptuous meals, happy reunion, the warmth of the home, thick father and mother love, and together is often very short, so that leaving her home is always reluctant to part, always thinking about going back home again.