The year of the Tiger. What do these idioms mean?

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What are the meanings of crouching tiger, hidden dragon, dragon teng tiger howling, tiger head yan Jaw?Come and have a look!Crouching Tiger, hidden dragon.Refers to the hidden talent, also refers to the hidden talent.This university is full of talents crouching tiger hidden dragon.Dragons soar and tigers roar.The look of a big force.Dragon spirit tiger fierce.It is a metaphor of high energy and high morale.The tiger came out of the mountain.It means to be brave and fast.I hope everyone can be as fierce as tiger in 2022!Phoenix sighing tiger.It describes elegant speech and imposing manner.6. A tiger leaps.A very active posture.Hopefully 2022 will be like this and not so sad.Tiger tiger alive.Like a tiger there is an awesome momentum.A tiger’s head and a swallow’s collar.Used to describe the majesty of a noble prince or a military general.9.Tiger roar gives birth to wind, dragon gives birth to cloud.Refers to the induction of things of the same kind.Tiger’s back.A tiger’s broad back;A thick waist like a bear’s.It describes a person’s body as big and strong.After the festival, we pay attention not to eat into a tiger’s back ah!Like a tiger with wings added.Like a tiger with wings.The metaphorical powerful is even more powerful.12. Try as hard as a horse.The strength of nine cows and two tigers.It is a metaphor for great strength.Will the door tiger son.General door: generation for general’s family.The father has the ability, the descendant also has the extraordinary skill.Also refers to the later children do not disgrace the family.A tiger father has no dog son.A brave father never makes an ordinary child.Used to compliment someone’s children.The more wit, the less courage.2. A calf;A newborn calf is not afraid of tigers.It is a metaphor for the bravery of young people.Be fearless;Be bold.Also known as “the newborn calf is not afraid of the tiger”, “the newborn calf is not afraid of the tiger”.I hope that in the year of the Tiger, we all have the spirit of “born calf not afraid of tiger”, live like “vigorous dragon and tiger”, and be a “phoenix sighing and tiger sighing” person!