Ctrip has announced that it will be the first in China to open a hybrid office 1-2 days a week

2022-06-25 0 By

Online travel company Ctrip announced on Feb 14 that it will introduce a mixed office system throughout the company.Starting from March 1st, every Wednesday and Friday, all business units and functional departments of the company can implement or gradually implement 1-2 days of mixed office according to the actual management needs, that is, 1-2 days per week. Qualified employees can choose their own office location, which can be at home, coffee shop or resort hotel.Ctrip has simultaneously released matching policies on employee application and management procedures, equipment support and other policies, which means that Ctrip has become the first company in China to actually implement the mixed office system.According to Ctrip, this round of promotion is based on a mixed office experiment involving more than 1,600 people starting in August 2021. The results show that after nearly six months of experiment, the willingness of employees to participate has risen to nearly 60%, and the dimission rate has dropped by about one-third without significant impact on performance.It is understood that after the epidemic, some high-tech companies, such as Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Apple began to normalize and institutionalize telecommuting, requiring employees to come to the company 1-2-3 days a week.China, as a big labor force and Internet power, has also begun to face up to this change.This time, Ctrip took the lead in promoting the mixed working mode throughout the company, reflecting the efficiency improvement effect of telecommuting not only applies to foreign companies, but also applies to Chinese companies.Liang Jianzhang, chairman of ctrip Group, said: the promotion of mixed office system is a win-win for enterprises, employees and society.It not only improves employee satisfaction without affecting efficiency, but also helps reduce traffic jams and protect the environment.Alleviating high housing prices and regional disparities;In addition, it is beneficial to family harmony, female career development and increase fertility rate.It is hoped that the mixed office system will be promoted in more mainstream Chinese enterprises in the future, which will have a positive and far-reaching impact on China’s society and economy.The overall data of Ctrip’s 2021 mixed office test shows that the attitude of employees to the mixed office system continues to improve after the test: those who do not support it decreases from 1% to 0.1%, those who do not support it decreases by 5.3%, and those who strongly support it increases by 6.3% to nearly 60%.In a survey of employees who support mixed working, Ctrip summed up the top three reasons for voting: reduced commuting time and more efficient use of time (93.6%);Facilitating work-life balance (78.4 percent);Higher levels of happiness and more creativity at work (75.1%).James liang believes that mixed office system helps to reduce traffic congestion, environmental protection, and alleviates the high prices of big cities and regional differences: “if a city a day on average, 20% of workers use telecommuting, to a certain extent, ease the commuter traffic jams, car less increased commuting efficiency, also make people more willing to live in the suburbs.In the long run, the total value of house prices in the inner suburbs and the city centre is likely to become closer and closer, with the inner suburban sub-centre more prosperous.”Although “mixed office system” is a win-win result for enterprises, employees and society, enterprises must also face the problems in the implementation of the new system.In ctrip’s experimental survey, some employees and supervisors also expressed their concerns about this model, among which nearly 50% were “worried about affecting the relationship between colleagues”.As a supervisor, there are problems such as “worrying about being difficult to manage.”Related person in charge of ctrip’s human Resources department introduced that the company will focus on empowering employees to improve telecommuting efficiency and empowering supervisors to help supervisors strengthen their management ability.”Hybrid work is becoming a global trend.We look forward to more companies embracing the changes and starting to emulate and promote them, which will have a profound impact on Chinese society and economy.”Liang jianzhang said.