Gillian is so buddhist!Recording wave sister also wore a long coat, pressed into a dwarf into a Sa foil

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In the occasion that gives lens, star can notice modelling commonly delicate degree and fashionable feeling, especially female star besides integral sex, still can incidental the collocation of sex of a few details, will perfect individual dress modelling.But in doo-yan than shura field, also have so a Buddha department personnel, never pay attention to the dress proportion, more don’t care about modelling elegant feeling, everything on the premise of comfort, often by his good sisters ah sa yan jiao fabricate classmate, obviously the wave recording, ejiao need some inferior ah sa again, from clothing can see respectively.Sister two modelling total characteristic: black fastens release sedate feeling to bid farewell to the young girl stage of green, their aesthetic gradually from the basic color piece becomes the burnish of simple sense, be in so color fastens, both people happened to coincident ground chose black fastens.Although bright colors can catch people’s attention at the first time, it is more memorable to create a personal temperament.As this kind of stage modeling, simple and agile sense is more conducive to the polishing of temperament, so SA chose a dress, short skirt style fully shows the leg curve, steady and mature and do not lose vitality temperament.Pressure to Gjiao side, she seems to give up the aesthetic of the shape, a long coat Buddha department mirror, mopping style directly broke her original figure proportion, the whole person dressed as a dwarf, standing in a sa is like a lot of assistant, the aesthetic of the shape is to be improved.Gjiao modelling: long coat full coverage, no sense of proportion at all different from the male modelling sometimes deliberately built fat languid lazy feeling, women’s ordinary height determines that we need to strictly choose the length of clothing.For A Jiao this kind of medium under the child, long out of the mirror rate is not too high.But she seems to have a unique aesthetic for long designs, and every rollover almost invariably has something to do with proportions.From the Angle of height, regard her as small person, figure still contains trifler overgrown, so we should pay attention to the show of lumbar line more on modelling choice, so at this time the sheet of cultivate one’s morality sex is tasted give unique effect to play.A short top is a good choice, as much as possible to release the waist line.But for the characteristics of the individual figure without full recognition of a Jiao, a ground to use long single product to block figure, in fact, has been immersed in the misunderstanding of wearing.As the saying goes, block is inferior to scanty, for the female of small fat figure, with one ground uses loose dress to weaken figure curve, be inferior to timely and effective aggrandizement, achieve the aesthetic effect that expect is less than easily instead.Long coat from top to bottom covered the whole body, a Jiao is thick and bloated, showing a great sense of oppression.Ah SA modelling: pay attention to foster strengths and circumvent weaknesses, enlarge height advantage, by contrast, is also a black model, SA o pay more attention to style and design, as is known to all, plain and dull black should be a alone, of all the color so if not in style and design some effort from top to bottom, put on, it is easy to weave all behind obviously, SA also noticed it this time.So she chose the design of short skirt outfit specially, assured sufficient show skin feeling, avoid the oppressive feeling that large area black brings, at the same time she still used long boots to increase fashionable feeling, perfected the integral sex of modelling, also highlighted individual flavor.Her body is too thin, in fact, not suitable for too thin and close modeling, but the design of this dress focuses on the folds of the skirt, through the folds to highlight the sense of layering, perfect to enhance the aesthetic flavor of the modeling, while effectively weakening the age.It is also worth noting that the fringe of the skirt is specially made with metal chains, which effectively releases the rock style, which is a fashion statement.The design of small short paragraph, play to foster strengths and circumvent weaknesses effectively, optimize the role of figure proportion.On the selection of design, also ensured basic concise feeling, more use temperament to make.Feel gillian for wear or not too concerned, too much attention to comfort will lead to modeling aesthetic defects.Statement: original text, pictures from the network, if there is infringement, please contact us to delete, thank you.