Hypertension dizziness must not know to take medicine only!Here are 5 ways to reduce blood pressure that must be learned

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Five non-pharmaceutical step-down method, if you have high blood pressure, must learn to, around us there are many friends all know that high blood pressure, high blood pressure, we want to eat blood pressure medication, but eat blood pressure medication can come down, don’t eat blood pressure medication, blood pressure go up again, then we use the drug inspection method, by changing our habits and customs, as well as the action and movement,In order to better regulate and improve the problem of hypertension.So these five things, if you have high blood pressure, you have to learn, they’re the safest, they’re the most effective, they’re the most recommended.So let’s talk about the five non-drug ways to lower blood pressure. What are the five?Be sure to give it a thumbs up.First, is that many patients have high blood pressure in this way, the biggest problem is our habitual heavy taste in the home, especially in the north special love to eat salt, cooking time, the excessive intake of salt, and love to eat pickles, salted fish, including salted duck, etc., especially easy to lead to increased blood pressure, that we normally, suggest to eat six grams of salt every day,How can I weigh six grams of salt?I teach you one of the most simple way, which is the most effective way, we can buy a limit teaspoons of salt, the limit of teaspoons of salt, two grams, three grams, five grams of, don’t bother you, you like to use, how much money, every meal you have in your heart, and that the amount of salt every day the family not to exceed bid, everyone with salt is not overweight,That is a very effective way to manage high blood pressure.Second, it is a movement, through exercise you will find that we can more effectively improve the elasticity of our blood vessels, you like one of the reasons that lead to high blood pressure is very important, first is the blood vessel elasticity decreased, and the second is the blood volume increase, Er blood volume increase is just said, excessive salt intake, we said to the blood volume, can increase,The third point is that the increase of heart beat will also lead to the increase of blood pressure, and we can increase the elasticity of blood vessels through good exercise methods. When the elasticity of blood vessels is enhanced, the resistance to going out will be reduced, and he will lead to the decrease of blood pressure. At the same time, losing weight will also contribute to the decrease of blood pressure.Finally, there is a very good blood pressure lowering exercise that I will teach you.The third, is to eat less fat, eat less fat, eat less animal viscera, so, for the prevention of hypertension, hypertension regulation is very very important.Let me show you a trick. What is it?You listen carefully, don’t eat out, you say, why do you say that?You’ll find a lot of young people eating take-out out.Older men tend to socialize more outside and like to eat all kinds of dishes. I don’t know if you have ever seen how chefs usually cook food to make it delicious.First of all, the first one is fried with heavy oil, so the second one, before the pot will be doused with such a spoonful of bright oil, so that the dishes out of the special fresh, especially fragrant, you want so much oil fried dishes, you eat into the mouth, eat into the stomach, your grease will certainly exceed the standard ah.Not to mention, the quality of the oil used in take-out food, including the amount of oil, is off the mark.So the best way, I suggest, is to eat at home.And, we can eat more steamed dishes, or some clear cold dishes, when cooking, let’s put a little less oil, so that our family blood pressure will not exceed the standard, to form a good habit is very important.Article 4, is the mood, you will find a lot of high blood pressure, friend, have what problem, if not very grumpy, another angry, gas dizziness, headache, and the temperament, can not control, we speak in Chinese medicine, often called the essence of liver Yang, like this one, especially prone to high blood pressure,Therefore, it is suggested that people with hypertension must calm our state of mind, state of mind must be flat, always tell themselves, we need to do subtraction, reduce our inner pressure, and must control your irritable mood, if your mood control is not good, you can rest assured that your blood pressure must be very, very difficult to speak.The fifth point is to teach you a very good improvement of blood pressure, blood pressure, steady blood pressure action, this action is called Dharma swing manual action ah, very simple, the following to teach you how to do.First of all, let’s stand in place, legs open and shoulder width, the upper body should be chest and stomach, and then hands, lift up.Parallel to the ground.And then we’re going to go down, and we’re going to go down as hard as we can, and we’re going to bend the knee as we do that.Because when we swing, the whole blood flows from the upper arm to the whole body.Rejection, plus the squat movement, the blood, it led to the downside, the whole body blood circulation is good, the good circulation of the blood, blood pressure will improve, so we are 30 to 50 times a day, why can improve blood pressure of cutting, because the heart sutra on our big arm, through in the process of cutting, the whole heart sutra will get clear,If the heart is unblocked, blood pressure will improve.So on the five methods, if you have high blood pressure, or your family have high blood pressure, you must let him know that, don’t think high blood pressure, light and went back home to have a as long as I have some blood pressure drugs, habits and how or what, if you have such a thought, you rest assured, your blood pressure will be more and more high, more and more high,In the end, taking antihypertensive drugs is difficult to control, which is very troublesome. Therefore, for people with hypertension, we talked about changes in daily life and reasonable exercise, which is the core of our efforts to improve hypertension. If you think these methods are useful, please be sure to like them and forward them to your friends and family.At the same time, remember to pay attention to me, because my article has a lot of methods, maybe the future will provide you with a great help, today’s share here, let’s see you tomorrow.