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Book Title: DengQizhi Author: Introduction to Spring in February Anzhi knew that Pei Que would be in power in the future, and become the chief aide of ten thousand people.I never thought that such a noble and elegant Peque would come to her house to ask for her marriage after she was broken off, and even spoiled her into the most pampered woman in Kyoto.Exclusive original book review sober intelligent your female vs abdomen black tolerance power minister, she reborn, house fight daily, hit the face abuse slag, male strong female strong, big she cool.Super long, close to 1000 chapters, watched several nights, but to see the heroine hit all kinds of scum + all kinds of business, or pretty cool ha ha.She is the capital of your female, noble identity, just have appearance, known as the first beauty of the capital, and male two from childhood set engagement.Male two is a family childe, looks elegant, brilliant literary talent.She put the male two as the future husband since childhood, a heart on him.Which know, male 2 fall in love with Japanese ordinary younger sister however, for female 2, in public and Japanese retreat, let her become the joke of the people in Beijing.She loved the male two so many years, natural unwilling, so did not agree, thinking after marriage can step by step influence male two.Male 2 under familial pressure, but married tying.She is out of the heart of the male two good, hope to let him look back to see yourself.As a result, male two no problem a cheating man playing with female feelings, five years before marriage, has been cold violence to female.The middle she think, want to and from, male two to disgusting she, don’t let her go.Then in order to give female two is a wife position, behind silently planning, first framed Japanese brother, and then the design of broken Japanese name festival, she was imprisoned in the backyard for five years.To the death of that moment, she just learned all the truth from the female two mouth.Originally, his so many years of deep feeling, is a joke……Wake up again, she actually came back ten years ago, male two is about to break off the moment.Heavy life, she naturally do not want to repeat past mistakes, and want to mercilessly revenge cheating with female feelings of the man cheap female.So, in the male two with female two came to leave, she did not budge, directly expose the fact that they have an affair, female two have been pregnant, also said to go to the yamen expose them, the small white flower female two scared not.Then our hero officially appeared!The hero is the fourth uncle of a man who cheats and plays with women’s feelings. He is young and the top scorer in high school. He holds an important position in the dynasty and will become the chief minister in the future.Because of male 2’s sake, the male and female master had several intersection, but also just nod to know each other.Did not expect to break out of marriage this thing, male master is fully support Japanese, in public to female two no face, also taught the male two meal.Back home, in front of the Don one operation, directly put the male two out of the house, let him and female two.Male two is really a no brain, in the past abandoned Japanese lofty and aloof, dull and boring, love female two gentle little meaning, did not think of really down and out, only step by step to see the female two vicious mouth, after also delusion eat back grass, she can not give him this opportunity, cheating with female feelings of the man roll rough!The little white flower is settled, and I still have a lousy father.That year, dregs dad by virtue of Japanese mother’s forces, into the official, step by step.But the heart has been unwilling to hate the mother high attitude.So he secretly raised a room outside, gave birth to a daughter, alive mother angry death.Now, he wants to marry her back.She think is disgusting enough, so borrowed their aunt’s power, first step to slag dad picked up the string, and then step by step to master the master power, the slag dad take hold of the dead.After that, she will take back his dowry, good management of their own shop, and strive to engage in business.In this process, men have been trying to close to tying, intentionally or unintentionally revealed their own mind.But, she was cheating with women’s feelings of men hurt, just want to make a career, never ignore men.So, the future of the head and auxiliary adult, incarnation of sticky monster + vinegar king, all day in front of the Japanese brush sense of existence, all kinds of pet wife, protect his wife, also have to incidentally solve each rival in love.In the pursuit of male perseverance, she was finally moved, two people come together.In fact, men fell in love with Japanese long ago, but he can only silently looked at her on the male two smile, he did not have any chance to close to her.So, know male two derailment, male master first angry, then very happy, but also add fuel to the fire, a small calculation, finally get what you want, hold the beauty to hey hey.Later, it is involved in the tang side of the thing, big family by the emperor covet, the main male suffer.Husband and wife work together to overcome one obstacle after another.Finally, everything is decided, men become the first auxiliary, she also opened the women’s college, two evenly matched feelings, praised by the world……Read the whole article, the story is wonderful, the climax one after another.Male and female main IQ online, the process of doing business is very interesting.In addition to the male and female protagonists, a number of supporting roles are also pretty brilliant, a few pairs of cp quite eye.The whole is good, recommend!Welcome to pay attention to every day for you to recommend the best quality novel attention, no book shortage