What cats want to say to their owners before they die

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Cats live for a short period of more than ten years, and they will be attached to their owners and this home. If cats can talk, these are the words they would like to say to their owners before they die.1, “master, this cat left, you don’t too sad, to be good, the future I will look at you in the sky, without my day also want to keep happy, happy!”2. “Master, during these ten years of my life with you, I have been very happy, very happy, and quite satisfied.Thank you for taking good care of me over the years, for causing you so much trouble, and for not abandoning me.”3, “master, without me to wake you up, without my regular alarm clock, you also have to remember to go to work on time, do not eat, the only advantage is that you can sleep later on the weekend, no more cat disturb you!”4, “master, after I left, you have to protect yourself, without me looking at this home, when the patrol, you sleep at night to close the doors and Windows, go to the toilet, take a bath no one to accompany you.”5. “Master, when I’m away, you must go out and make more friends instead of staying at home all day.6. “Master, there are many sceneries in this world that I have not seen. Although it is a pity, you can have a look at them for me.”7. “Master, if there are any sad things in the future, don’t hold them in your heart any more. Even if I am not by your side, I am still listening to your words in meow Star.”A cat’s life is short, so spend as much time as you can with your cat, because you never know when it’s going to leave you.Playing with your cat will not only enhance your relationship, but also improve your cat’s physical fitness, which will naturally lead to a healthier and longer life.Some cat snacks can be used to induce cats to exercise.How to choose a cat snack?In addition to getting your cat to exercise more, you should pay special attention to your cat’s diet. Food is the main source of nutrition for your cat.Cats who eat well get sick less and are naturally healthier.It is best for pet owners to choose a high-quality, nutrient-rich cat food as their staple food.There are a lot of rules for choosing cat food, but I won’t go into details here. If you are interested, you can read the blue article below for more information: How to choose a good cat food, just read this article.