A 53-year-old man from Guangxi province was killed more than 10 days after he disappeared, but the truth was hidden in a text message

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Unexpectedly, a twenty thousand yuan transfer, but into wu Xuan man qin mou was killed fuse;More unexpectedly, a bank card transfer verification code SMS, become the key to the police case.In the morning of February 26, wuxuan County two tang town of 53 years old Qin mou riding a motorcycle after leaving home missing, family members to find and reward people, there has been no trace.On March 16, the bad news came, Qin mou has been killed.Originally, the same village man Huang, will be tricked to kill qin remote mountains.March 31, the reporter learned from the Public security Bureau of Wuxuan County, Huang mou has been approved to arrest, the case is being further investigated.Qin mou to Huang transfer screenshots, the murderer committed the crime, but also self-directed from a section of wechat voice.Interviewees for the missing blue lady’s father-in-law Qin lived alone in wuxuan County two Pond town Xiaolin village home.Because blue’s husband will go to Guangdong on February 27, the couple called Qin on February 25, hoping qin to help take the children to the county.But Qin’s mobile phone has been turned off to February 26, unable to contact.”I thought he had gone to work in the mountains and his phone had run out of battery.”Blue lady said.On February 27, Qin mou mobile phone is still in the shutdown state, blue lady realized that something was wrong, that night, they called xiaolin village relatives to see his father-in-law.Relatives said, Qin is not at home, the rice cooker has been in a state of heat preservation, the rice inside has been cooked to dehydration, clothes soaked in the basin has not washed.Blue lady husband and wife feel qin mou may have an accident, facilitate the next day back to Wuxuan report.Blue lady said, she learned to neighbors, Qin at 8 a.m. on February 26 after leaving home on a motorcycle then disappeared.At ordinary times, Qin mou and the same village man Huang mou have the business of buying and selling trees.Qin mou last phone call is to call Huang, and the day before the disappearance, through wechat to Huang transferred twenty thousand yuan, let huang help him into cash.After the incident, blue lady to find huang.Huang mou said, At about 7:40 in the morning on February 26, Qin mou called him to send himself to the elephant state, but he had to refuse.Because there is no other effective clue, blue lady husband and wife can only provide clues according to Huang, wu Xuan to the elephant state area to look for, and print and print a missing person notice, heavy reward clues, the results of many days without any news.Transfer message to solve the case clue Qin mou missing, blue lady husband and wife worried that he was cheated to MLM gang is controlled, he will take out all the money in the bank card.But blue lady considering, even if father-in-law was cheated to pyramid selling gangs, also need money to eat, they went to qin some bank card internal transfer 1000 yuan.”If someone took the $1,000, we’ll know where it was taken, and at least we’ll have someone to look for.”Unexpectedly, the 1000 yuan saved by Ms. Blue became the key to solving the case.Blue lady said, in the local police station with the help of the police, the family to redo a phone call card qin mou.On March 15, she found that the phone with qin mou phone card suddenly received a bank transfer verification SMS, someone tried to transfer money through wechat qin mou bank card.Ms. Blue immediately informed the police station of this information.Police through technical means tracking tracking, will be transferred to take the money in the bank card qin suspects arrested.And this suspect is Huang mou.”We knew hwang had a problem, but there was no evidence.”Blue lady said, in conversation with Huang, she noticed huang learned that qin missing news is very calm, did not show a little worry.”Two people have business contacts, and it’s normal to at least ask if someone is missing, but he didn’t.”Blue lady think huang mou has a problem, let family members and nearby villagers pay attention to the whereabouts of Huang Mou, but for several days, Huang Mou is very normal, no abnormal phenomenon.Business partners see money since the killing of March 30, the reporter learned from the Public Security Bureau of Wuxuan County, On February 28, they received the qin family alarm, immediately mobilized the relevant police to assist family search.Because qin mou mobile phone finally located in the mountains, the police search for several days also failed to find see.On March 11, the police came to Xiaolin village for investigation, at the same time told the family to pay more attention to qin’s wechat dynamic.On March 15, the police received qin family members found clues, through technical means, in the next night will be arrested Huang, and from huang home found qin mobile phone and phone card.”This is a classic case of murder for money.”Wuxuan County public Security Bureau related person in charge told reporters, after the police overnight interrogation, Huang soon confessed to its criminal facts.Huang has a gambling record, before the incident, he lied to Qin that there are a lot of eucalyptus trees on the mountain to sell, the seller is an old man, do not understand wechat transfer, etc., only accept cash transactions.So, the night before the incident, Qin mou through wechat transfer twenty thousand yuan to Huang, let it help cash for the next day transactions.In the morning of February 26, Huang tricked Qin into the mountains, taking advantage of its surprise, from behind with a knife to kill it.After the crime, Huang also directed and played a voice message to qin, trying to prove his alibi.Under huang’s identification, the police soon found the remains of qin.According to the Wuxuan County public Security Bureau related person in charge, the scene has a mountain road, it takes more than 30 minutes to walk, Huang mou after the crime, did not deal with qin mou body, directly thrown on the mountain.Under huang’s identification, the police soon found the remains of qin.Huang mou after the arrest, soon by the police criminal detention, has been approved to arrest.At present, the case is still under further investigation.Source | austral today