After class Service Upgrade “version 2.0” Professional force injects “new vitality” into colorful classroom

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“The teacher’s expression is too rich, good interesting!””I will sing huai Opera to my parents after I get home.”On Friday afternoon, laughter was heard from time to time in taihu Road Primary School in Taizhou. It turned out to be the school’s newly opened Huaiju Opera class. Under the guidance of teachers, students were earnestly learning traditional Huaiju opera performances.According to introducing, to carry out the taizhou municipal party committee municipal government “do a good job in the people’s satisfactory education” to promote the conference spirit, further promote ShuangJian policy implementation, school in the autumn semester last year, on the basis of exploration and practice, innovation to launch “colorful classroom” service after class on Friday, real rich and optimize the implementation content, success will upgrade to version 2.0 after service,Better meet the needs of students’ study and growth, promote the all-round development of students’ quality.It is worth mentioning that most of the teachers of “Colorful Classroom” after-school service are professional qualified personnel hired by the school. The teaching content includes 36 items such as football, roller skating, programming, pottery, Huaiopera, hip-hop dance, child beauty, calligraphy, sketch and basketball, so that children can choose freely, grow up happily and develop comprehensively.Huai Opera class promotes the development of huai Opera characteristic campus culture through a series of activities such as “singing huai Opera, performing Huai Opera and appreciating Huai Opera”.”In the rich atmosphere of Huai Opera culture, students can not only understand the history of Huai Opera culture, but also inherit the local opera culture.”Huai Opera teacher Zhou Meiling told reporters.In the hulusi class, Teacher Wang Lulu played wonderful hulusi songs, beautiful and gentle tone, kind and delicate emotion, let the students listen to infatuated.Wang Lulu told reporters that hulusi is a distinctive ethnic musical instrument, easy to learn portable.Learning hulusi can also help children practice qi and strong body, understand folk music culture, and meet the needs of learning and growth.Today, every Friday has become the most anticipated day for students at Taihu Road Primary School.During after-school service hours, children sweat on the playground to feel the charm of teamwork.Or a show of singing, let melodious singing in the campus drift;Or colorful brush, depicting the picture of happiness;Or playing chess, feeling the exchange and collision of wisdom…The 2.0 version of after-school service is well received by both students and parents.”It gives me a great sense of achievement to see many practical daily necessities made of clay,” Said Pan Huxin happily. “The pottery teacher is very professional and I have learned many professional skills, which makes me more patient and focused in daily study.”Peng Xiaoyan, principal of Taihu Road Primary School in Taizhou, said that the school will continue to work hard on the colorful curriculum construction around the school philosophy of “returning colorful to childhood”, continuously improve students’ quality, more accurately meet the needs of students’ personality development, so that every child can have a colorful childhood.(source: Jiangsu Radio and Television Taizhou Central Station/Xue Suyang correspondent/Gao Na Han Xinchen editor/Zhao Enjie) Statement: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through email, we will promptly deal with.Email address: