Claimed to be the best teacher in Henan, illegal make-up lessons received 100,000, was found to have no teacher qualification certificate

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Ms Xu of Henan has seen the “best” in henan these days. Oh no!He is the “best” teacher.Ms xu’s son is now in high school, originally this winter holiday ms xu abnormal worry about children’s study, see the friends and colleagues around, all sent her children to the remedial class, oneself also, mood.according is looking for an advertising claims that teachers are graduated from school, the maths teacher also served as a national coach, tuition, 100000,Sent away countless Tsinghua and Peking University examinees remedial classes.Because still more worried about the teaching strength of the remedial class, Ms. Xu listened to the class with the children.Who knows as a result, listened lesson, pop by the competent department of education, said the training organization is illegal, and in the staff to see the teacher certificate of teaching, teacher should justly said no, no teacher certification will be no school license, it is a violation of make up a missed lesson the remedial class.This can be accompanied by ms Xu stunned.When the competent authorities ordered the training institution to rectify, suspend business and refund the fees, Ms. Xu wanted to refund the fees, but Mr. Duan only refund Ms. Xu 30,000 yuan, the remaining 70,000 yuan has been delayed.When Ms. Xu found Mr. Duan again, she saw his excellence again. She shouted: which teacher in Henan province can teach as well as I can?Including no. 1 middle school, foreign language middle school, experimental middle school, there is a teacher has my contribution, you let him stand out.”A teacher from a tutoring institution who doesn’t even have a teaching certificate is so shameless.And the most amazing is that the teacher opened the tutorial class in the residential building, there are many students are still in class, to know that the previous two days the competent department but ordered the suspension of classes.Ms. Xu is very strange, when recruiting students said he is zhengzhou foreign language teacher, is the school’s competition teacher, now even the teacher qualification certificate are not, but also plausibous.After the quarrel, the other party still refused to refund the fee, Ms. Xu worried, the education department staff to invite.The staff also wondered why the tutorial was still open, but something happened to the staff’s surprise.The teacher continued to shout: “I am willing to teach, no one can control me, she did not refund her money because she smeared me and reported me everywhere.She paid me back for it.As for the education authorities, I will listen to him if I want to, and I will not listen to him if I don’t want to. He can impose sanctions, such as sending me to the police station or detaining me, which is his right. But after I come out, I will still do it.As for how to deal with the back, we are still waiting for the reply of the local education department, but the teacher of such a cattle tutoring institution is really uncommon, it is very excellent.High school as the most critical learning stage, parents want to improve their children’s performance, we must polish their eyes, even if they really want to find a remedial class for their children, do not just find this kind of three without institutions, money does not say, but also may delay the child’s future.Ah, poor parents all over the world, it is because of the need for guidance, just have the kind of unscrupulous guidance teacher.What do you think of this?Graph source network, intrusion deletion.We look forward to your attention, sharing and comments by reading interesting educational stories, sharing educational ideas and understanding subject knowledge