Long time congratulations!Biubiu redeemed the score and WE finally got our first win of the new season

2022-06-26 0 By

Recently, the first day of the fifth week of the league of legends 2022LPL spring regular season ushered in the showdown between WE and LGD.It is worth mentioning that after WE experienced six consecutive defeats in the new season, WE finally sent out the core players in this game.In the end, WE defeated LGD 2-1 on aggregate, getting their first win of the new season and finally ending their six-game losing streak.Judging by the performance of these three games, WE really need to be sad.Because of the sadness, the rhythm of the WE area is obviously much better.From the performance of WE in the second game, although WE lost the second game, they still played with great resilience even though they were ten thousand down in the economy, which actually reflected the role of sadness in the game from the side.After all, as WE’s oldest player on the field, the sad experience of the competition has undoubtedly helped the newcomers a lot.In addition to the sad performance is quite good, WE’s double C player Shanks and Xing is also played a very good performance.Especially in the decider, Shanks’ key move and Xing’s excellent play in the team battle laid the foundation for our first victory.Xing, a newcomer ADC player in particular, has experienced two straight rounds of zero “head” feeling in his previous matches.In the LGD match, Xing completely found his form.And finally, it’s time for our top single, Biubiu.Judging from these three sets, especially the first and third, it would be an understatement to describe Biubiu’s performance.In the crucial first round, Biubiu’s Kennan made a bad move, which would have been almost empty in the crucial first round if LGD’s YeG had not stepped into Kennan’s move.However, after this almost empty team battle, in the final team battle, Biubiu Kennan successfully played “Sky Thunder”, which helped WE win the final team battle.In the third game, Biubiu had a similar situation.Biubiu’s Thain didn’t seem particularly adept at facing Aoun during the line-up.Not only was he overpowered by Orn, but LGD caught him and killed him.However, Biubiu Aun’s great moves and key controls helped us to play a perfect team battle later on.In the end, Biubiu won the MVP for his redemptive performances in the first and third frames.WE managed to beat LGD for their first win, but they still have a lot to improve on.However, winning this game means a lot to us.After all, WE are mostly new at the moment, and what new players need most when they first play LPL is to build confidence.WE believe that this hard-won victory can also boost the morale of these newcomers, and maybe WE can perform better in the following matches.What do you think of our first win?