New car | more than domestic BMW X5, BMW 3 series i3 electric version released tomorrow, double screen first exposure

2022-06-26 0 By

Chen Xuming [understand car di original products] recently, understand car di learned from the BMW group official, the new domestic BMW X5 will be officially launched on March 31.At the same time, another BMW “mystery model” also gradually emerged, namely the new BMW 3 series pure electric sedan!The car will be named “I3”, replacing the previously discontinued hatchback i3, and more in line with BMW’s new all-electric “I” + “corresponding product sequence number” rule.The latest official preview image shows that the new BMW I3 will adopt a similar “dual screen” central control layout, interior freshness significantly improved.In addition, according to previous news, domestic BMW I3 is expected to start production in May this year, many dealers have begun to negotiate with customers and accept pre-sale orders.The car is expected to use a ternary lithium battery with a net capacity of 70.27 degrees (KWH) and a NEDC range of 526 km.According to the first official poster, the I3 will feature an interior layout similar to that of the BMW I4, with iDrive 8.0 interactive system consisting of a 12.3-inch LCD dashboard and a 14.9-inch central touch screen. Physical buttons will be significantly reduced in the air conditioning area.Only the functions of volume adjustment, track switching, front and rear windshield defogging and warning light switch are retained. The air conditioning control functions such as temperature and air volume will be integrated in the central screen.In addition, the “chicken leg” block is also gone, changed to a more beautiful Jane shift lever, but the functional island area of the entity keys, knobs are retained, and the use of a blue button to highlight the identity of the new energy car.It can be expected that the new system will significantly improve the technological aspect of the interactive experience, but whether the overall design style will win over BMW users remains to be seen.It is worth mentioning that, based on previous information, the appearance and interior style of pure electric car I3 are expected to be continued to the mid-term modified BMW 3 series fuel version.BMW I3 real car has previously appeared in the application model of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the car as a whole maintains the body contour of the BMW 3 series sold in cash, but the front adopts a new style OF LED headlights, the contour of the folded LED daytime running lights and the cash 3 series show a reverse effect of 180 degrees.The piano painted closed front grille is paired with blue trim to highlight its pure electric car identity.BMW I3 is shown in the rear part of the car. The main changes of BMW I3 are the lines of the trunk cover and the lower surrounding area. On the whole, the layout and style of the cash BMW 3 series are maintained, and the blue decorative bar is also added to show the partition.Meanwhile, the tail shows that the new car will launch the eDrive35L, with a body length of 4872/1846/1481mm and a wheelbase of 2966mm.For comparison, the extended wheelbase BMW 3 Series currently on sale is 4829/1827/1463mm in length, width and height and 2961mm in wheelbase, which is very close to the body size of the BMW 3 Series long wheelbase.In terms of power, the BMW I3 will be rear-driven, equipped with a 250 kW electric motor, matched with the three-yuan lithium battery pack produced by BMW Brilliance, with a capacity of 70.27 degrees (KWH), a NEDC range of 526 km, and a declared top speed of 180 km/h.(The above data are from BMW official declaration information) New car background and competitive product analysis:From the positioning of NIO ET5, BMW I3 is a pure electric four-door sedan relying on the long wheelbase BMW 3 series, which is matched with the imported four-door pure electric coupe I4. The price is expected to be lower than BMW I4 (449,900 to 539,900 yuan), and the starting price is expected to be within 400,000 yuan.For domestic users, the BMW i3 may be more “within reach”.In horizontal comparison, the future model with a price range close to BMW I3 should be NIO ET5 (32800-38600 yuan).Of course, the final price is subject to the official announcement.