Poetry and painting are everywhere in my life

2022-06-26 0 By

In my life the ubiquitous poetic gave me hope of rescue gave me was spared from the lucky will also gave me love deep rain receive complaint also gave me the embrace of the water the scenery and warm in my life everywhere verses puppy love gives me the feeling gave me affectionate kind gave me that mountain that water that scenery beautiful invitationsAlso gave me time not old legend also gave me the years static good encounter more gave me never give up clinging to the natural and unrestrained I said a come away and romance in my life everywhere rejoice I already love her in the ribs on the inside to the deep-rooted love her I have to leave the sake I have already loved her to never-say-die drive me alreadyThe love she devotes herself to a degree I have to take her as my soul mate, I have already take her as my lover I have to take her as the woman of my dreams in this life with poetry in this lifetime in the mind have love in this life is full of flowing in my blood is full of poetic life both dawn and the night also poems are in cold or hot summer is my favoriteHer poems will be my constant companion until death do us part