Sit pull kang Xi to the fat post, why is the deficit still not up?Cao Yin faces a shocking insider

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A Dream of Red Mansions gives us a glimpse of the life of the dignitaries in feudal society.However this kind of extravagant life is not endless, cao Xueqin family is brought about by the reason of financial deficit.As we all know, cao’s deficit was caused by his reception of Kangxi’s southern tour.As a wise emperor, Emperor Kangxi naturally knew how much the Cao family had suffered and made up for it later.Since compensation, why is there still a deficit?Was emperor Kangxi really cheating people?Some friends who are familiar with history have defended emperor Kangxi, saying that the emperor gave cao and Li a number of lucrative jobs, and never treated them unfairly in economy.The Caos, The Lios have that fate, completely caused by their extravagance.The Li family here refers to Li Xu.The Life of the Li family is similar to that of the Cao family. Li Xu’s mother was also the nanny of emperor Kangxi, and she was very close to Cao Yin’s mother. Later, Li Xu’s sister married Cao Yin.After Kangxi’s third southern tour, Li Xu first asked for money.The way he asked for money was simply to borrow it.At that time, interest rates on private loans were around 25 to 35 percent a year, while Treasury loans to officials were only 10 percent a year.So in “Yongzheng Dynasty,” the hard job of the fourth brother is to get the officials to pay back the money they borrowed.Why do so many officials dare to borrow money from the government?It’s because the interest is low, and there’s no one pressing for it before.The Treasury may have run out of money at that time, Kangxi denied Li Xu to borrow money, but at least now the emperor already knew that Cao, Li two in the reception of their own financial crisis.Subsequently, the emperor gave Cao Yin the privilege of operating copper production.The ancient currency was mainly copper, which gave Cao Yin a mint.Although they got some economic compensation, the two families undertook kangxi’s three subsequent trips to the south, which was nothing at all.The deficit soon became a bottomless pit.No wonder Cao Xueqin wants to borrow “a dream of Red Mansions” to ridicule: welcome drive when spend money to resemble drip sea water like.After Kangxi’s fourth southern tour, the Cao and Li families got the lucrative position of “Salt Government”.Why do you say two families got it?The emperor let Cao Yin and Li Xu rule alternately for 10 years.The full name of the “Salt Administration” was inspecting the Salt Section of lianghuai And inspecting the imperial history, which covered most of today’s Jiangsu, Anhui, Jiangxi, Hubei and Hunan provinces, and even part of Henan province.Salt tax was one of the important taxes in ancient times, and the salt tax in Lianghuai area accounted for more than half of the country.The role was detailed in the TV series Salt Merchant of Qing Dynasty.In addition, lianghuai salt patrol imperial history has the right to play, but also the responsibility of the supervision of local officials, so only deeply trusted by the emperor can hold this position, can be said to be the emperor’s eye line.There was even a saying that even the governor of Liangjiang could not afford to provoke them.In the 43rd year of kangxi, Cao Yin was first appointed to patrol salt.The first thing Cao Yin did when he took office was to join several predecessors, including ashan, the former governor of Liangjiang.Officials at that time were probably corrupt in the salt class: on the one hand, they shared money with salt people.The regular salt harvest requires an extra 20 jin, which is funded by the government, and this adds up to 300,000 taels of silver a year.It was heard that Cao and Li would monopolize this position for 10 years. Before Cao Yin took office, the working expenses increased from 20 jin to 27 jin, which made the people miserable.The other was to demand bribes from salt merchants.Every salt merchant, every salt merchant, had to pay as much as 100, 000 taels of silver a year to the yichamen for various bribes under certain names.This is still blatantly demanding rules, and there are many more without rules.This is only the yancai yamen, the governor, governor, secretary, the local government work of the sponsorship of almost 200,000 taels of silver.The money made the salt merchants suffer unutterably. Those who had access and influence tried to evade it, and finally imposed it on the common people.Cao Yin was shocked to see these, which was also the reason why he joined a dozen officials at once.But the result was very unexpected, the impeachment motion was suppressed by emperor Kangxi, cold treatment of it.Kangxi’s meaning is that “when water is clear, there will be no fish”. It is better to do more than less.From then on, Cao Yin never reorganized the salt administration.Why bring it up?Cao Yin saw the people and salt merchants are not easy, and he is unable to change, can only reduce the damage to them.In the course of receiving the southern Patrol several times later, the expenses were all appropriated from the salt administration’s tax revenue, and the salt merchants and the common people were not forced to apportion.One example is the grateful salt merchants who built cao Yin’s shrine.Although it was a good thing to do, the tax revenue of the salt administration was the money of the state, not a special fund for receiving the emperor.Kangxi’s intention was to let the Cao and Li families have land to raise money instead of spending their own, but he did not say there was no need to pay back public funds.Lianghuai salt policy of the fat leng is dry into poverty, this operation is not how to evaluate Cao, Li two people.For Cao Yin and others, the 49th year of Kangxi was an important time node.This year, Kangxi’s reply made it clear that the deficit in the salt tax must be made up because he found it impossible to make up the deficit.He replied on Cao Yin’s paper that all the traveling expenses for these officials in the capital would be exempted.Make up the shortfall, or your children will suffer.Who would have thought that Kangxi’s words would be true?In the subsequent notes, the emperor always used the words “hearsay” and “every hearsay” in his replies. So where did he hear the news?This has to mention before the participation of ashan et al.These corrupt officials, colleagues and students, led by Ashan, regarded the Cao and Li families as enemies.The same is official misconduct, Cao Yin must be made public.But the emperor did not pursue, which caused their arrogance.Shen Cao and Li at all levels of the two families kept on folding, even the emperor was a little unbearable.Yongzheng’s raid on cao and Li had a lot to do with ashan’s behind-the-scenes maneuverings.So how much is the deficit?According to Cao Yin, the deficit is 2.8 million taels of silver!Although nine-tenths were later made up, the remaining share was so shocking that even new officials refused to handle the handover when they saw the deficit was too large.Four, finally is the so-called into also xiao he defeat also xiao he, get The Emperor Kangxi preferential treatment of Cao Yin, Li Xu, eventually because kangxi fell a copy of the end.It seems that the emperor gave the “fat” is not who can eat fat.References: Life of The Ancients, Cao Yin and Kangxi: The Career of an Emperor’s Favorite Revealed