Small gangs producing fake wine “specials” don’t fall for the scam for cheap

2022-06-26 0 By

The Spring Festival is approaching, and some illegal elements are taking advantage of the hot sales of alcohol.Recently, the Beijing municipal public security bureau annular eclipse medicine brigade team linkage market regulators, fengtai, public security bureau, the whole chain in multiple producing counterfeit brand liquor criminal gangs, 8 from destroying the production and sale of counterfeit goods black sites, criminal detention, 16 people, seized the finished product of more than 6800 bottles of fake brand liquor more than 30 (set), packaging materials, bulk base of more than 500 kilograms.Among the seized packaging materials, some of them were branded liquor packaging materials printed with a variety of fictional “special supply” words.The Beijing municipal public security bureau fengtai sub-administration annular eclipse medicine brigade squadron the policemen Han Pai introduction, bamboo some red people from other place such as a large number of purchases include bearing the words “designed for” brand wine packaging, sales to being just groups, such as being just like people from others place again into purchase price lower liquor brand, then carried out within the dens blending, filling, labeling,Mixed into high-grade brand liquor and so-called “special for special” liquor for foreign sales, seeking illegal profits.In 2013, various government departments jointly issued a ban on the use, production and sale of commodities labeled “special supply” or “exclusive supply”, and carried out clean-up and rectification.Most of the “specially supplied” liquor sold by fictional state agencies on the market is filled with fake liquor by illegal people using illegally printed packaging materials.The police found in the examination, although the counterfeiting gang is small, but “five viscera”.Some of the groups are relatives, mostly husband and wife or father and son, single point contact between the upper and lower lines, order production, concealment is strong.From the sale of fake wine packaging materials, filling of fake wine to packaging distribution and other links in the production and sale of fake wine chain is very complete.Ding gang’s line gao Mou snow “hold several jobs”, from Ding mou gang to buy marked with “special wine” and other words “special for” wine, while providing ding mou Gang and others for blending base wine.Annular eclipse medicine brigade contingent drug detachment of the Beijing municipal public security bureau deputy division marshal wang is introduced, in accordance with the deployment of the Ministry of Public Security, Beijing police linkage market regulation, agriculture and rural areas, according to the characteristics of the first two popular food market supply and demand, focus on the food market sale, transportation, warehousing and so on key link, to carry out the high frequency of inspection and clean-up;On this basis, continue to increase the special crackdown on prominent food crime activities.Since 2022, Beijing police have cracked 19 cases involving the production and sale of counterfeit alcohol, and detained 41 people, to prevent a large number of counterfeit alcohol from entering the market.