Xiaoming finds out: the school toilet has a problem, how can I improve it

2022-06-26 0 By

The toilet on the second floor of our school is too smelly. I thought it was the lower grade children who were lazy and left without flushing after relieving themselves. But after observation, I found that the flushing valve was too tight for the lower grade children to flush.I want to be able to make flush-light flush-toilet?Under the guidance of the tutor, after many times of trial production, I finally made a lightweight and water-saving toilet with the delay circuit of the aisle lamp and the water inlet valve of the washing machine.2. Design principle.Push-button electronic flushes consist of a modified aisle light control circuit with a trigger button connected to an electromagnetic water inlet valve.3. First of all, I directly connected the control line of the aisle lamp to the electromagnetic water inlet valve of an automatic washing machine to make a toilet flusher, which can be flushed by touching.After trial, I found that it has more defects, one, in the night or dark place to use, two, as long as there is a sound, it will flush and flush for a long time, water waste is serious.Under the guidance of the tutor, I modified the control circuit, and installed the trigger button, adjusted the flushing time, connected to a solenoid water valve, this kind of flushing toilet only gently press the button, it can flush, lower grade children can also use.But sometimes it does not clean stool, need to repeat flushing.Later, I improved the toilet by using two (or more) sets of flushing pipes (two or more electromagnetic inlet valves), combining the water outlet and designing two trigger buttons.When urinating, press the urination button, and the water will be flushed by a pipe with less water.When flushing stool, press the stool button, two (or more) flushing pipes flush water at the same time.After such improvement, both save water, both can wash clean stool.4, the product effect of this “button type electronic flushing toilet” design is the key to the use of button trigger, so compared with ordinary flushing valve, it is convenient, light, water saving, long life;Compared with other electronic toilet flushes, it also needs to save water (because flushes urinates with small amount of water, flushes defecates only uses large amount of water;And other electronic flushes toilet flushes the volume of urine and defecation is the same;Or inconvenient to use, people need to wait until the completion of the flushing system to close.)If we estimate that each person defecates five times a day (once defecate, four times urinate), the use of push-button electronic flusher saves more than half of the water and reduces more than half of the sewage discharge than other flusher.