Youngest 20+5+5 player in history, rockets 3 less sweep team 3!Silas was right. It’s Stone

2022-06-26 0 By

After a series of home games, the Houston Rockets travel to SAN Antonio on Feb. 5.Not long ago the two teams have had two meetings, the first game rockets in the road victory over the Spurs, the second game Rockets at home 30 points lost to the Spurs, the next game, the third game, the two teams who can win the ball is really difficult to say.In fact, the Rockets are still in good shape, after the victory over the Eastern Conference powerhouse Cleveland, Houston Rockets morale is high, as long as the performance of this game, Houston Rockets road pick SAN Antonio, should not be a problem.Victory over the cavaliers, the rockets rookie guard jay – green’s performance is good, he scored 21 points in the game 5 assists and five rebounds of personal data, shooting, though not particularly high, but the universal performance, and in the fourth quarter hit a record key points of 3-pointers, let jay – green became one of the rockets to win the game.With 21+5+5, green set a new rockets record by becoming the youngest player to record 20 points, 5 rebounds and 5 assists in a game for the Rockets at the age of 19 years, 358 days.Interestingly, the second and third places are also rookies of the Rockets. The second place is the Rockets power forward Kenyon Martin Jr., who reached this number at 20 years, 119 days, while the current rockets point guard Porter jr., ranked third, he reached this number at 20 years, 336 days.The Rockets’ record is not good, but Houston’s young players are on the right track.Jay – green with powerful cavaliers, not inferior to the cavaliers star center cuttino mobley, and Martin on the bench also contribute their own strength, he is also the first substitute of the rockets on 4, small potter don’t boast more, in recent matches, small potter assists increased significantly, score is stable, the most important of all,His turnovers per game have remained “low.”While the Rockets shin Jing, Green and Tate three, also selected this season’s All-Star rookie game, talking about the growth of the Rockets new people, coach Silas also deep feeling, he said, Stone chose the right person, it also shows that the Rockets have made some progress.In other words, sellars should thank rockets general manager Rafael Stone, who traded for Porter and drafted jaylen Green and Martin Jr.Maybe these young players have some shortcomings, but have to admit, these players have been growing and changing, they just need time, the Rockets do not lack patience and time.Sellars is right that the Rockets have made some progress, and stone is as much responsible for the initial results of their rebuilding as Sellars.