Can tea be drunk after it expires?A lot of people think wrong, might as well come in to understand

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It has been more than 4000 years since the discovery and use of tea in China, and the tea culture has been spread far and wide. Since the Period of The Yellow Emperor, people began to know how to make leaves to alleviate the water shortage.With the development of life and the progress of The Times, various new flavors of tea have been developed in the market, such as black tea, green tea, scented tea, dark tea, white tea and so on.Since ancient times, there has been a traditional culture of giving tea to people, and there are friends who come from afar to express hospitality by building POTS of tea.And in order to facilitate themselves, convenient social contact, many families will choose to buy a large number of tea, which will inevitably appear tea expired phenomenon.So the question is, can tea be reused after expiration?A lot of people are skeptical, after all, expired tea means past the drinking period, drinking expired tea is harmful.Can tea be drunk after expiration?Therefore, tea leaves are extracted from tea trees and dried through fine process, purification and drying. Since ancient times, tea drinking has also been a habit, which has become one of the traditions of China.And for tea expiration can still be drinkable, there are relevant data to confirm that the shelf life is closely related to the type.Tea storage time is different.Life common yellow tea, green tea and other storage time should be controlled within a year and a half, most types of tea storage time on the market in a year and a half or so, this is because the above two kinds of tea through certain seal need to save, or in contact with the outside air in the process of oxidation reaction, lead to produce tea spot, once the storage time is too long, affect the body health.And the common black tea in life and the above two kinds of obvious differences, black tea belongs to complete fermentation, tea production time is long, fine technology, relatively complex process, preservation time can be as long as three years, and the species of relatively rare black tea storage time can be as long as 10 years.The shelf life of tea leaves is related to the production process of tea leaves. If tea leaves are placed in a cool and damp place for a long time, there may be mildew and deterioration.Once the tea goes bad, throw it away as soon as possible and do not drink it.Otherwise produce aflatoxin, damage to health, induce liver cancer.If the tea leaves are in the shelf life, the taste is the same as usual, and there is no irritating smell and mildew, it means that they can continue to drink, but the tea leaves should be stored in the refrigerator as far as possible to avoid long-term exposure to the sun and long-term damp.How to determine whether tea has expired?1. Tea luster We can judge the quality by observing the luster color of tea. The color of new tea shines brightly, smells fresh, and comes on the face, like returning to nature in general.When tea leaves are placed for a long time and affected by moisture, there will be a musty taste, while the color and black hair are dark, and there are substantial differences with new tea. Looking at the covering of a layer of gray film, 2. Smell the smell of tea when buying tea, we can completely judge the quality and freshness by smell.If it smells faintly, like a return to nature, it means the tea has just been picked.Flower tea, green tea and black tea are placed for a long time, resulting in excessive drying, accompanied by a smell of basement, rancid and moldy, which is very pungent and tastes to the head at the slightest smell.3, look at the degree of tea dry and wet degree of tea can also judge its quality, China’s tea Association experts pointed out that the water content of tea shall not exceed 7%, storage time can be up to three years or so.Therefore, when buying tea, observe and touch the method to judge the degree of dry and wet, so as to evaluate the water content of tea.If the tea is found to be powdery, and the quality is damaged, it represents high water content, difficult to store, easy to be affected by environmental temperature, mildew.Tea damp do not throw away, can have the following effects many old people thrifty household, even if found that tea damp mildew, will also be removed from the bad part, retain the remainder is still complete.This is not healthy in any case, as aspergillus flavus already infiltrates, especially if ingested in humans, directly to the liver and induces fibrosis.Avoid drinking tea again when it is damp. Dry tea leaves can be placed in the refrigerator or under the pillow to reach the place of tiincense. Tea polyphenols contained in the tea can remove environmental odor and formaldehyde.
What are the benefits of drinking tea for a long time?Tea is rich in caffeine and polyphenols, making it a better drink for students than coffee workers.Because of the disorder of trace elements contained in coffee, the human body’s sugar standard is easy to increase, the probability of suffering from diabetes and high blood sugar and stimulate the secretion of dopamine in the hyperactive state.And tea can stimulate the central nervous system, improve the spirit of vitality, effect on the skin surface refreshing, speed up the efficiency of work and learning.Dental health represents oral health, which is the main standard to maintain human health. Once oral inflammation occurs, it is easy to cause damage to health caused by normal dietary intake. Drinking tea can ensure the decomposition of fluoride in the body, thus stabilizing the oral environment and protecting the health of teeth.- Anti-oxidation Female friends in the life of appropriate tea can delay aging, improve antioxidant capacity, remove residual free radicals in the body, melanin.At the same time, to a certain extent, it can slow down the effect of freckles and wrinkles.Drinking black tea during menstruation can dispel cold and keep warm, relieve dysmenorrhea and other uncomfortable symptoms.What are your different views on this?Welcome to leave a message, thanks for reading, leave a concern before you go!Guide to Summer Regimen