“Design” love, how to play the “romantic card”?

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Love is an eternal topic, and the scenic spot to express love is also a place for tourists to yearn for.Landscape architects as a group to create beauty, how will they “design love”?Valentine’s Day has just passed. Here are some of the most romantic scenic spots.Dubai is home to many unique engineering feats — the Burj Khalifa, the Dubai Canal and the Burj Al Arab to name a few — but Love Lake, shaped like two giant hearts nestled together, is the latest man-made Lake to join the list of feats in recent years.Love Lake, Dubai, is located by the lagoon of Al Qudra, about 50km from the Burj Khalifa.It is shaped like two hot hearts interwoven together, and plants form the shape of “Love” under a heart-shaped artificial lake.Two heart-shaped artificial lakes overlap in the rolling desert, symbolizing that the two lovers will support each other no matter how difficult the journey will be.In addition to the beautiful aerial photos of the lake itself, its doorway and branches are arranged in a romantic way.Dubai Love Lake has become a popular weekend destination for Uae tourists, offering camping, picnics and barbecues.Entwined ribbon Portrait is a tulle painting artist Benjamin Shine dedicated to his wife as a wedding gift.For many of us, a piece of gauze is usually just a gauze skirt, but in Benjamin Shine’s hands, it is a kaleidy-changing work of art.Entwined is presented at Benjamin Shine’s own wedding scene, and the ribbon portrait behind relies on the natural dark green background of the trees to provide the desired tonal variation through the layering of white reticulated ribbons.The sculpture takes the form of two ribbons, the lines meandering around the trees and deep into the forest, where they intertwine to form a wedding arch.The piece was designed to provide a practical guide for guests to the ritual and rest area in the forest 150 meters away.In total, more than 4km of manual work is required to bend and compress the edges to form the bands, which are powder-coated white.Toronto Love Park Toronto Waterfront Park, in partnership with the City of Toronto’s Department of Parks, Forestry and Recreation, has announced the winning designs for the York Street Park and Reese Street Park design competition.The Love Park project is the award-winning design for York Street Park.The current situation of the site is an urban green space connected with an overpass, and there are only roads in the green space.The simple and timeless nature of the designer’s design was recognized by the jury.From the surrounding office and residential buildings there are beautiful bird ‘s-eye views of the central waterscape and the lush surrounding Spaces that create beautiful views in spring, summer, fall and winter.There is also a great opportunity to display public art throughout the space.The park features three “wedding cakes”, marble platforms that provide romantic venues for sitting or getting down on one knee to propose.A romantic archway with a facade of reflective material that reflects the surrounding landscape provides a place to relax and drink.Underground, a hidden water supply system is used to maintain pools and reuse rainwater.It is a changing site, offering more possibilities for People’s Daily activities.When the basin is filled with water, the park is an oasis of contemplation and tranquility, where people can hang out, eat, walk their dogs and make love.When the water is drained and stored, it provides a flexible venue for more activities, such as exhibitions, rallies and so on.There is a small island in the middle of the park lake, which remains a spectacular tree with red ground cover under it.It is the focal point of the park and a testament to love.Zhangzhou Volcanic Island volcanic Island is one of the first national geological park, national AAAA level scenic spot, China’s only coastal volcanic geological remains of the island.It was named one of the ten most beautiful islands in China by China National Geographic magazine.Nature has created a natural museum of volcanic geology here.It is half sea and half flame, with the “heat of volcano” and the “cold of sea”.The volcano island boasts a stunning island landscape, unique geological relics, and a large number of online celebrity photo spots. Every photo you take is a famous scene, dominating the circle of friends every minute.Monument Valley: Volcano Island romantic hit point, this pink castle inspired by La Muralla Roja, is full of romance with its patchwork structure, dreamy and sweet colors.Meanwhile, a new restaurant has opened in the museum. The same style of Pink girl, which is sweet and sweet to the top, is the perfect choice for many couples on a date on the volcano island.Rainbow Hill: This colorful hill is one of the newest sites to come online. It’s a lot like Redemption Hill in the US.Lighthouse: Love is an everlasting lamp that watches on the storm but never moves. It is the star that guides the ship, whose height you may measure, but whose value is infinite.Haivow Shanmeng Terrace: Whenever the tide rises, Haivow Shanmeng Terrace will be submerged by the sea.When the sea recedes, the interlock will surface, showing its mysterious side, which is the hint and blessing of nature to human beings.Whatslove, located in Qinglongwu, Tonglu, Zhejiang province, is the first all-carbon fiber structure building in China.Designers hope that architecture can be used as a tool to provoke us to think about some of the dilemmas of real life.The Knot hall focuses on love and marriage, a subject that has puzzled us for thousands of years.Love is supposed to be a beautiful and pure thing, but in reality, it is always wrapped in material layers. Therefore, the designer decided to abandon materiality and directly form the building with pure triangles. Instead of concrete, steel, glass or wood, he built the knot Hall.However by traditional culture in “zhu Si entangle society” inspiration, with gules line will twine a whole affinity hall.Rather than a physical space, the Knot Hall is a visual image wrapped in carbon fiber red lines that does not need shelter from the elements.Built using digital technology and robot control algorithms, the building is 4 meters high and 3.8 meters wide. It took 90 hours to weave 7,200 meters of continuous carbon fiber bundles into the red knot Hall.With the original multi-layer composite space structure weaving technology, the density of the building is controlled at 18KG per cubic meter, and the bearing capacity of 400KG is realized. Unlike the carbon fiber pavilions seen in the past, it has a floor, and to cantilever, so that the Building can float in the air.The Knot Hall is like an accessible but metaphorical flame, like the matchmaker’s red line.One stands precariously in it, uncertain whether it is a prison or a fortress, fragile or solid, curious with a tinge of panic, but unable to refuse because of its beauty. That is what love feels like.In this narrow and sacred space, all of us can consider what love and marriage are, and decide whether we have the courage to make a commitment that does not require evaluation.The building, woven with red lines, is surrounded by a touchable landscape, and everything is quiet.There is a QR code in the heart of the flame for visitors to test their life by shaking a visa.The “Flying Kiss” of Chongqing Wulong Baima Mountain Tianchi Love Scenic Spot, a large-scale high-altitude shock experience project popular with Douyin, is the embodiment of designers “incubating baima Mountain tourism and creating cultural miracle of love”.The project design idea is the result of wulong folk circulates a mythology love story: in charge of the heavenly queen tea garden tea fairy and charming fairy love each other, found that after the heavenly queen is very angry, with their ruler interrupt the wuling mountain, the water of the Milky Way form the wujiang river, will be two separate two places, formed later, people familiar with the division of wujiang river km deep lives on both sides of the white horse hill and fairy mountain.The fairy and the white horse are just like the cowherd and the Weaver girl, and the high-altitude design of the “flying Kiss” symbolizes the reunion of the local “prince and princess”, across the mountains and no longer separated by the river.They kiss recklessly and declare their love to the world.In addition to detonating the project “Flying Kiss”, but also for the Baima Mountain scenic area design more love elements, let’s watch!Romantic Sky Street True love Road, Lovers Road True love Auditorium Love Cube Flying Rope Bridge Wild luxury Hotel: award-winning creative architecture!Zhuge Liang – Biao Ma China, more than 20 years of professional, concentration, focus on the transformation of real estate enterprises in cities and counties characteristic towns, commercial real estate & industrial real estate projects to provide full nanny menu services:1. 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