The peach blossom is brilliant, burning its China!Stone pillar this place peach blossom forest is too beautiful!

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❀ ❀ ❀ lines tao killings Beating the spring breeze blowing Peach blossom open look Brilliant CanReYunXia diffuse mountain Colourful satin go, enjoy peach blossom!Stone Pillar Xituo Nanping Ecological Park one hour from the county seat is near the Yangtze River, near the ancient town Of Xituo, peach blossoms are in full bloom. When you enjoy your youth, you don’t know where to go, peach blossoms still smile in the spring breeze. Look at clusters of pink and tender peach blossoms overlooking the green and magnificent Yangtze River.Just like a spring picture wandered in the discus Chen trail of pink flowers light fondle clothes spring breeze brings the light fragrance of peach blossom a copy about the feeling of past diffuse in the heart to meet the warm spring breeze peach blossom spring before the full tree in full bloom from a distance like a pink satin spread in the hills creamy peach is pink invitation letter I gave you invite your spring bath together, enjoy swimming Chen ❀ ❀❀ play things swim around – west Tuo ascend the stairs walk 1314 steps of ancient stone ladder “through” search step and salt road one thousand – tujia Mimi tea began in the han dynasty stone pillars of tujia a unique snacks in a bowl of various feeding remit seems porridge porridge, seems tea tea is worth tasting Cost refers to the south to watch flowers ❀ address west Tuo nanping ecology garden nanping ecological NongYeYuan location:Location: South bank of the Yangtze River opposite Shibao Village, Xituo Town, Shizhu Tujia Autonomous County, Chongqing Municipality, Tototo Ancient Town Parking is convenient, Nanping Ecological Park is difficult to park, and the road is narrow, pay attention to slow down!It is recommended to wear light clothing, carry water and eat.Photo credit: Tan Hongjian