Future Games show: The new adventure game “My Little Time Left” was announced

2022-06-29 0 By

At The 2022 Future Games Spring event, GROUND Game Atelier unveiled The Time I Have Left, a time-driven escape adventure with RPG elements set in a complex underground facility.The game will be released in late 2023 and is currently available on Steam without Chinese language support.Trailer: About this game: After six hours, you’ll be dead and left as the sole inhabitant of colony 7, a massive underground city, where Aline is suddenly marked for death by a mysterious phenomenon known as Miasma.Can you help her escape the hopeless halls of Colony 7?Featured: In a race against time, guide Erin through Colony 7, a huge and eerie abandoned underground complex save your willpower in the face of disturbing hallucinations of death in a dynamic turn-based combat system and uncover the hidden truth behind Colony 7 stunning visuals:Experience colony 7’s dense environment, all in stunning style with a retro + modern twist: Find clues, solve environmental puzzles, unlock hidden areas, and make sure you escape the time-driven gameplay: time is always passing, and some events only trigger at certain times.What will you do with the time you have left?Knowledge is Power: New abilities are unlocked as you discover clues and complete the in-game database.Deep Hidden Secrets: Use the information you’ve gathered to unlock shortcuts, hidden stories, unique items and secrets!You probably won’t discover all your secrets in a week.You may not find them all in one game.