More than 120,000 six seater cars, Capgemini 280T and MAX Song, are top-matching, how to choose?

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Two days ago, Wuling launched two 280T capgemini models, the flagship of which is priced at 125,800 yuan.And its price is not much different from the rival byd Song MAX, the top price of 124,800, only a difference of 1000 yuan, it will inevitably let a person into the two cars how to choose the dilemma.Today, we take a look at the two models of multi-seat family car, which is worth buying?On the outside, the 280T has the standard profile of an MPV, but with its midnet horizontal chrome trim, sharp body lines and many details, the Car appeals to younger consumers or fathers who don’t want to be bound to business.The Song MAX also has a standard MPV shape, and BYD’s proud “dragon face” front can still be found on the car, which from a personal perspective is more sedate than the Capgemini 280T, but younger without it.At the same time, The Song MAX wheel hub is R17 inches, the light is just ordinary modeling and LED light source;The Capgemini 280T, on the other hand, has R18 inches, matrix LED headlights and a slimmer body.(Capgemini 280T) configuration, as the top of the family capgemini 280T flagship model, in this respect also worthy of its flagship status., after all, the price of the car came to 125800, in addition to the insulation to matrix LED headlamps, the front glass, double independent air conditioning, leather steering wheel, the main driving power seats (with heat), a tacit Ling OS system, the second row independent seats + legs, adaptive cruise at full speed, 360 degrees ring shadow, active braking, fatigue driving to remind,And they’re all standard.(Song MAX) As a full-system top-matching Song MAX, its configuration is not too bad, such as 6 airbags, 360 degree shadow, uphill assistance, panoramic skylight can not be opened, front keyless entry, etc., are also standard.In addition, the more complete L2 driver assistance equipment, a variety of door opening methods, built-in dashcam and other functions are not available in the Capgemini 280T.Of course, the 280T also has features that the MAX song doesn’t, such as seat heating, automatic parking, and forward and reverse radar.(Capgemini 280T) (Song MAX) In terms of family cars, spatial performance has always been the focus of attention.From the perspective of body size, the body length, width and height of Capjie 280T is 4875*1880*1700mm and the wheelbase is 2800mm, while the Song MAX is 4710*1810*1680mm and the wheelbase is 2785mm.By contrast, the Capgemini 280T is the leader in all dimensions, especially the 165mm lead in length.(Capgemini 280T) Seat level, Capgemini 280T is leather package, and can freely switch between 4-6 seats, and in the four-seat state, the rear seat performance of the car can be described as “affordable Odyssey”, forward and backward movement distance of more than 0.5 meters, flat backrest and foot support can be turned into a single bed;Including the trunk volume, in the case of six seats full, Capgemini 280T will not drop the chain, not to mention in the four-seat state, its third row of seats can be flat storage, so for the flexibility of the car space, naturally also improved a lot.(Song MAX) Song MAX is a leather seat, and the car supports 2-2-2/2-2-3 layout.We should have six version, although its size is not dominant, but actual aboard a space with capgemini gap is not big, 280 t, 178 cm tall crew can gain good experience on the first and second row, but compare to conventional seat change form, in addition to the first row of supporting capgemini 280 t no waist support adjustment, the second row can only move the chair,Can not adjust left and right, and there is no leg support design.(Capgemini 280T) In terms of power, both cars are equipped with a 1.5T nose. It is worth mentioning that the Capgemini 280T is equipped with a 177Ps/290N·m high power engine, and matched with the CVT transmission, the power response is better than the regular version of capgemini.It also provides a smooth driving experience and good fuel economy. The combined fuel consumption of the NEDC reaches 7.6L/100km.(Song MAX) Song MAX is also equipped with a 1.5T engine, the maximum horsepower and peak torque of 160Ps, 245N·m, obviously the parameter performance is not more attractive than Capgemini 280T;After matching the 6-block wet dual-clutch gearbox, its shift reaction efficiency is not bad, but the ride comfort still has some room for improvement.As for fuel consumption, there is no official data, but according to the owner’s word of mouth feedback is 8.1L/100km.By comparing the top matching models of Wuling Capgemini 280T and BYD Song MAX, it is not difficult to see the advantages and disadvantages of the two cars.Song MAX supports 6/7 seats and has more driving assistance functions.The Capgemini 280T is particularly space-optimized, with the ability to switch between 4/5/6 seats and provide a sitting or lying position.Although the price of Capgemini 280T is a little more than 1000 yuan, I think it is worthwhile to get more power and the Ling OS system independently developed by Wuling, which has been well received by the market on Zizhuang.What do you think?