Shop for balmy vegetables for danzhou’s New Year

2022-06-29 0 By

New Hainan client, south China Sea network, South China Metropolis daily January 27 news (reporter Liang Zhenwen) “look, this is we in the farmers’ markets posted on the further do a good job in the farmers’ markets clearly marked work notice”, further standardize the farmers’ markets operating main body clearly marked integrity management consciousness.”On 27 January, danzhou market supervision bureau to the relevant person in charge of price supervision and inspection of Liu Yanzhou said pointing to the notice posted in front of the farmer’s market, in order to let people had a good year, they are not only introduced during the Spring Festival price regulation and measures against unfair competition, and strengthen the regulation of price parity vegetable retail stall work, let people eat safe meat, buy cheap food, light years.Celery 2.99 yuan a catty, Shanghai green 2.44 yuan a kilo, potatoes, 2.24 yuan a catty, pioneer in danzhou farmer’s market, management vendor stalls hangs a sign board, clearly marking each vegetable prices, the price can be changed by operator according to every pleased, convenient for the operators, also can made it easy for customers to choose.”You see the price of celery today is cheaper than yesterday, and there is no sign of rising prices for the New Year, I have to buy more New Year to do rice rotten to eat.”Chen Jie, a vegetable shopper at the Danzhou Pioneer Farmers’ market, said that since the price tag was put up at the end of December 2021, she has saved herself a lot of time by knowing the price of what she wants to buy.”Between November 2021 and early January 2022, we increased our pork shipments several times more than usual.Because we danzhou people cannot live without sausages for the Spring Festival, we increase the supply of pork so that people can buy enough pork for sausages and keep the price unchanged.”Zhang Lingling, hr manager of the People’s Middle Road store in Baijiahui, Danzhou, told the reporter that vegetables are bought three tons a day, and pork is bought one or two tons a day according to demand, up to eight heads at the highest.At present, the supply of vegetables and pork is sufficient, supermarkets do not close during the Spring Festival, the price does not rise, normal operation, so that the public is convenient to buy, have a good year.In the summer square of hundreds of supermarkets, the Shopping street filled with all kinds of red dry goods, vegetable stalls, bundles of fresh vegetables were neatly placed, coming and going to choose the face of the citizens brimming with smiles.”With the Spring Festival just around the corner, we need to do a good job of ensuring supply and price stability in the vegetable basket. Apart from strengthening oversight over market prices of basic commodities that people need to live in, we must patiently listen to what the people want, respond to their needs, and think about what they want.”Liu yanzhou said that danzhou Market Supervision And Administration not only conducts regular patrols but also works closely with relevant departments, supermarkets and farmers’ markets to ensure a stable supply of vegetables during the Spring Festival, so that people can afford to eat and have a good life.Responsible editor: Wei Xiaofan